Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Michelle & Brad turn 30-something ;)

SO. Here i am again. With 8 billion things to tell you since i keep going on random blogging breaks. Not on purpose or anything, I just haven't really had a chance to write. Or i have but I've been doing other things. Like watching dumb shows on Netflix. ;)

A few weekends ago, we had our annual shindig at my parent's house. The shindig i speak of is the one where we celebrate Brad's birthday, my sister's birthday & father's day for dad all at once. We did this at the end of June. We had a great time together.

 Brad & Michelle turn 38! No, wait. THIRTY-NINE! Oh my goodness, they are gonna be forty next year! Woah now. (We are getting old.)

And here is their annual silly pic. :)

It was just  my parents, my sister & her hubby, and me & Brad. We basically ate & laughed & talked & ate & half-napped, half-watched a movie. Mainly we enjoyed my parent's new sun room!!! AHHHHH!

This used to be a wall (not french doors) with a window where you could see their back patio. Now it is a SUN ROOM! And i love it!! It's just gorgeous & cozy! Haha! We stayed in there pretty much the whole day. :) Fievel LOVES it. He can't decide if he likes the cold floor or the windows most. ;) 

P.S. They are having a pool installed in a few weeks! Can we say vacation at mom & dad's!? :) 

After awhile we went & watched a movie on their new sectional. The ENTIRE FAMILY (all 6 of us!) plus 3 dogs could comfortably fit in this thing! Haha!

We had a blast. :)

And that evening we all went to Las Palmas for dinner. Yum! :)

Awesome day!!! :)

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Annie & stuff

Y'all. I'm sorry. I don't know why i don't blog anymore!! But if you were wondering, yes. I'm alive. I have still been reading your blogs, but mostly from my phone, so i haven't been able to do a lot of commenting. Please forgive me?

Well, i haven't posted since the end of MAY (ridiculous), so here is what went on in June.

I visited one of my favorite people in the whole wide world, Robyn, before her big move to Texas. I used to part-time nanny her boys, and she became a good friend. Two of her three boys are now taller than i am, by the way. Scary. Anyway. LOVE HER.


I did a maternity photo shoot with my friend Jenny. Such a beautiful mama-to-be. She has been through a lot in the infertility world, so i am so thrilled that her dream is finally coming true! She will soon be a mama of twin girls!! 

I met my friend's baby girl, Elliana, who made her debut on June 20th. :)

 I took my friend Brittany's headshots.

(Did you notice i am wearing the same shirt in most of these photos? Yep. I need to go clothes shopping, pronto!) ANYWAY. AND i had dinner with two of my favorite ladies!!! :)

 Those are the few little things i fit in alongside the biggest thing that was ANNIE. I was asked to run sound for the month-long production of Annie at the local theatre.  I ended up splitting the run with a lady named Rhonda. She did about half the shows & i did the other half. Worked out well, and i'm really glad i was a part of it!!

I have run sound before, but never a musical, and never a show with 18 actors on wireless mics! Definitely an experience! A great one. :)

So the rest of these pictures are from my adventure with Annie. I am so glad i got to do this. I thought listening to little kids scream-singing on stage would be torture. I was wrong. The kids did GREAT. The adult actors were perfect in their roles. It was a fantastic production with excellent reviews. I was thoroughly impressed with the girl who played Annie. She was A DOLL, a total professional, a total sweetheart.  Love her & would love to work with her again!

My other favorite in Annie was the dog that played Sandy. I have never seen a dog act on stage for hundreds of people, but y'all. OH MY GOODNESS!!!  I couldn't not believe it! She did everything perfectly! It was so cool. That's all i can say! Her trainer was also in the show, and he and the girl who played Annie would practice with the dog before each show. I was a total sucker for it, which makes sense because i love theatre, i love acting, and i love dogs. (Excuse the yellow eyes, these were all taken with my cell phone & you pretty much have to have a flash backstage at the theatre! It's kinda dark!)

Before each show, i loaded all wireless mics with new batteries, put a mic cover on each one, and handed them to actors. 18 wireless mics for 18 actors. I helped the smallest actors put them on. That was honestly one of my favorite parts each night...putting the mics on the orphans. They were a lot of fun!

 I met lots of new people doing Annie. Such as Jennifer, who played Grace Farrell. She was flawless in that role. Such a sweet person, too!

Two other people I hadn't worked with before are Burt & Drake. Not their real names. Tony & ...Colton? I forgot. Which is sad. But i remember most of them by their character names. Haha. These guys are TEENAGERS!!!!! And i am old enough to be their moms. A young mom, but still. Makes me feel really old! Love these "kids".

I also met Rhonda, the one who ran sound the other nights. We were there together my first 3 nights, when i was there to learn the ropes. She is hilarious & so nice!! I hope we work together for a whole show sometime. 

There were the old theatre friends, too. The ones I've worked with before. People like Zac.  I had a really REALLY bad day one day and then ran into Zac who cheered me up. He didn't do anything in particular, he's just Zac. Kind of wish he was my real little brother, no joke!

Zac again, with Haley & Celeste. Love these people!

And Caty, the stage manager for Annie. She is awesome, it was fun working together again!

I did get to see Keith one last time. I have known Keith since 2006. He was the head director for the theatre and for many shows that i have been in and stage managed. I absolutely love him. He came to opening night of Annie before his big move to Washington state. Gosh, i miss him already!! Took one last pic with him. Hopefully he will come visit again soon! :)

 Another thing you missed was me going irate on an audience member for being on her phone the ENTIRE FIRST HOUR OF THE SHOW! I literally got out of the sound booth to go tell her to turn the thing OFF!!! I was very angry....that side of me doesn't come out too often. Glad i don't have a picture of THAT to share! Ha!

So that's what i have been up to this June. I still want to write about Brad's birthday, my sister's birthday, Keith's farewell party, and a few photo shoots. But those will have to have their own posts. :)

Friday, May 30, 2014

5 Things (to catch you up on my life!)

I have been absent from this blog too much! I don't know why!! But here i am again. Gonna try to blog a little more often, promise! Anyway... how about 5 on Friday? Just to get me back into the blogging thing. And catch you up on some stuff.

Actually, to catch you up on photography. Sorry about that. Hope you don't mind all my photo sharing!

Before I let you look at the pics, let me just say, exciting things are happening with Melissa V Photography. I have a logo! A website is in the works! I am almost officially registered as an LLC!!!!! (!!!!!) I never imagined i would actually start a business with this... i originally got into photography to take good pictures of normal everyday stuff. But once i learned to shoot in manual, things kind of took off! Believe me, I know i still have a lot to learn. But I've also come a long way, and I am excited. And i love my logo. Thanks, Brittany! :)

Two weeks ago, I did 2 family sessions in front of a new school in our area. This school is becoming a hot spot for photos because of their ginormous oak trees! Seriously... HUGE! Roots as tall as Amanda's two year old son... i didn't exactly measure, but i don't think I'm exaggerating.


I just want to say that the two ladies above (Amanda & Ashlee) have been some of the biggest sources of love & support for me throughout infertility & miscarriage. They pretty much rock. And i am obsessed with their families.

 Isn't she a cutie? I think so. Her name is Abby. She is a hoot.

My first official newborn shoot. I think I did okay. I hope I did okay. And let's sit back and reflect on the fact that I survived and did not kidnap tiny babies. Whew! ;)

Really enjoyed this session, though. I feel like I learned a lot. I have been saying that newborn sessions are my weakness, and I realized the reason it's my weakness is because I haven't really done any! Haha! I did get to take pictures of my friend Wendy's sweet daughter, but that was a year or so ago, and they just wanted a few pictures, nothing with props or anything. So i am glad i got this opportunity, and I'm glad it was with this family. They were patient & sweet & we had a good time!

One with big sister, Abby. She is a doll!

This is the one that pretty much kills me. Be still my heart.

Last weekend, i got to act as second shooter for a wedding! My friend Jamey was the main photographer. She was my second shooter for my first (& only) wedding back in September. I had a really good time at this one! I was in charge of getting groomsmen pics before the ceremony. Here are a couple of them.

This one was their idea... I think it came out pretty cute! Notice the best man taking a selfie. Hahaha!
 And this one... so sweet.

So, downtown there are these fountains that shoot up out of the ground. Every time lately that I have been there for a photo shoot, they are turned off for some reason. Not cool! I like them as background! Well, this time they were on! And we were pretty much to the end of Abby's session. So she asked her mom if she could stand IN the fountains. Her mom said YES.

And then i had THE MOST FUN on a photo shoot EVER! Haha. How fun is this?!

She is bracing herself! 

REALLY bracing herself! Haha! 

OMG, it's cold!!! 

So there you go! Fun times!

For some reason, while i have plenty of shoots scheduled in June, i have NONE for this weekend. Kind of glad it worked out that way, because it's been raining all week & doesn't look like it's stopping any time soon!

Happy weekend!