Friday, May 29, 2009

Honeymoon Pics - November 2008

The limo took us straight to St. Francisville, where we spent the first two nights of our honeymoon at Butler Greenwood. They have cute little cottages, very private. I absolutely loved this place & hope to go back! We stayed in their cottage, "The Gazebo", and loved it!

Opening our gifts to each other- we planned to do it before the wedding, but everything was so crazy. I'm glad we waited till our first morning as husband & wife! He got me pearls! I love!


First day as Husband & Wife! Very happy indeed!

On Sunday morning, we headed to Galveston, Texas for our CRUISE to the CARRIBBEAN!! Neither of us had been on a cruise before, so we were very excited. Here we are on the cruise ship!

Um, so yeah. Never been a big ice cream fan until cruise ice cream! Love that soft serve swirl! MMM! We made...wayyyy too many...trips to the ice cream machines!! They were everywhere!

I think Brad put 6 of these things on his tray for breakfast every morning...chocolate milk!

This is my "i am so happy i'm married i'm on a cruise with my new husband" face. Which i make a lot these days. Even though the "i'm on a cruise" part is no more. I want to go back!!!!

GASP! COZUMEL!! I loved Cozumel! It was fanfreakintastic! SO beautiful. SO fun! Cool Friendly people!

Our excursion of choice in Cozumel- Passion Island. All you can eat Mexican Buffet, Hammocks, Private Beach, etc. Worth every dime.

You probably have heard that the cleaning crew of Carnival does an animal-towel & puts it on your bed each night. We'd always come in & find a funny animal. This was our favorite!! The monkey!

The honeymooners!

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  1. oH my gosh! you two are so cute! I'm following from MannLand 5 Getting to know you. :)


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