Friday, May 29, 2009

I got a bike!!

Ain't it purty!?!

Recently i started really wanting a bike. i do not know why, seeing as how i have not ridden one since i was in high school! Anyway, Brad started talking about getting his bike out of the shed & using it again. We are so out of shape. :( So anyway, last Saturday, we went to Capitol Cyclery & this is what i left with. It is so nice! I've been riding every single day! I love it but my legs are sore! Oh-well, they will thank me later! ;)


  1. loves it !! :) i want one. and that color, love that, too !!

  2. go to capitol cyclery on essen! they were so nice! in that kind the only colors were this green, grey & a brown (& not choco brown- more like a copper). so i def had to have the green! they ain't cheap though- but i'm finding it was a GREAT investment!:)


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