Tuesday, June 30, 2009

BRLT's The King & I

Well, rehearsals for The King & I are just about over & opening night is around the corner! This weekend coming up is tech & we open next Friday! Eek! This should be interesting with all the kids in this cast. Before my theatre life, i spent a LOT of time with kids- babysitting, nannying, preschool teaching, etc... but i've not had experience with them as far as getting them to, you know, get on the stage & go where they are supposed to & actually do a little ACTING. (Some are totally in their own world...hopefully the audience will buy it & think it's a character choice. HA!)

It's probably going to give me a clue of how to do this thing with kids, because i've actually wanted to teach drama or direct a kid's show. Would be fun! I have acted in shows with kids & i've stage managed shows with just 4 or 5 kids...but this show has 21 little munchkins! AHHH!! But they're cute. (Most of em. Haha.)

Anyway, of course it will all come together & be wonderful! Last night was our first night coordinating the kids & all their props for a song called "Uncle Tom's Cabin" & it was a bit of a, well, disaster. I am a little worried about how i might handle the child who on their way onstage says to me, "I FORGOT MY [insert prop name here]" because if it was an adult i'd say something like "OH WELL!!!!!" & be a little ticked... but most adults know better than that (& if they don't, they learn real quick!) But a kid- well- might throw a fit & expect the whole show to wait? Hopefully not. I might, you know...kick them on stage or something...

Seriously, i'm kidding. We'll have it all under control. Just need a little more practice with the hoodlu- i mean, darlings.

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  1. Ah- the fonts are too cute! You picked one of my favorites! :)

    This play sounds fun! Hubby and I used to direct the Christmas play at church. I've got a friend who is a Theatre Education major, working towards a degree in teaching drama! It sounds like a great job to me!


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