Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sad Story

I found out today that my friend Mary Pittman's house burned down. Not sure when it happened exactly- sometime between last night & this morning. I am thankful she & her husband got out safely. I am heartbroken that her cats died in the fire. I myself am not a cat person, but i know how pets are family members & Mary LOVED her cats. She had four of them & they were her babies. :( I think about losing Fievel in a fire... i would be devastated.

Mary was also very excited & looking forward to her vacation to Ireland this weekend. Doubt they'll be doing that now. And it is probably the furthest thing from her mind! ...but you know. It still sucks.

The Red Cross is putting Mary & Bill up in a hotel for the next three days at least. They will move in an apartment after that.

I have been really amazed & excited to see Baton Rouge Little Theatre come together to help them during this time. We have our annual Beaux Arts Ball this weekend & will have a box there to take donations for them. BRLT is also accepting household items- furniture, dishes, etc to give to them.

I am not sure exactly when i met Mary, but it must have been some time before my second show, My Fair Lady. She played the maid & i'd assume that's when i got to know her. She has been a BRLT volunteer for 30 years. She is SO MUCH FUN, very in much in love with her husband & just a kind & generous sweetheart. The last show i worked with her on was Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (she was our stage manager). The above picture was taken at that cast party in April of this year.

Anyway, please think of Bill & Mary Pittman and keep them in your prayers.

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