Saturday, June 20, 2009

So Sick

Today was supposed to be the big father's day/birthday celebrations. Brad's family planned to come to my parent's house & celebrate both dad's father's days & Brad & Michelle's 34th Birthdays (Brad's bday is Monday & Michelle's is Tuesday). We originally were going to do a lunch thing but ended up planning it for dinner. I was sick. Went to the doctor Friday & was told i had a sinus infection. Got on antibiotics & mucinex d. Well. Michelle & i decided to go to a movie before the festivities. I was sick but feeling okay, i guess the medicine had kicked in. So we saw The Proposal, which was HYSTERICAL... i LOVED this movie! HAHA.

Anyway, we went to mom & dad's, where Brad & his parents were. We had dinner. Then mom was just beginning to serve birthday cake when i got to feeling REALLY ill. The only other time in my life i have felt like this is when i passed out after giving blood one day. Which is what we had just been talking about (somehow we got on the subject of giving blood). So anyway, i suddenly felt TERRIBLE. Queasy, hot, SPLITTING headache... yuck. i went in the other room & then i just started crying. I thought i was going to pass out or puke. It was awful. I cry anytime i get REALLY sick like this,. i hate that too! I laid down. Everyone was so sweet to me. I started feeling better later, but then felt horrible again, so we came home. i went straight to bed. Then i got up & took a bath. And now i can't sleep so i'm up playing online.

I have NEVER had that bad of a headache before, i am not even kidding! It finally went away after my bath.

So i'm sad that i have no pictures from our party today. The picture girl was not feeling well!


  1. u pg! HA totally kidding. Antibotics can make you feel like that! Also remember they mess with Birth control so be careful! I hope you feel better soon

  2. oh, i will! and this was actually the first time we worried about me being pg b/c it was just so wierd! haha. but i don't think so! lol.


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