Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael & Farrah

What a day yesterday was. The birthday of 2 very dear friends of mine- Happy Birthday, Tim & Marion!- and the death of 2 celebrities. Farrah Fawcett & Michael Jackson. Obviously, i was more shocked by the death of MJ. After hearing about his death, i had to go to rehearsal & the radio was playing his songs back to back. I loved it.

I have to be honest, i have been shocked & saddened by some heartless comments & jokes on FB regarding Michael Jackson. I just- cannot understand- why we would go there. These are comments made by people i know as Christians. But it is not funny. I do agree that he was a sick man. I could get into this more, but i'll refrain. But, i just want to say, "none are righteous, no, not one." How dare we, as believers, joke & laugh about someone spending eternity in hell? There is nothing funny about it. It's not a game. It's not a joke. It is sad. It is heart wrenching.

I do pray & hope that he was not too far gone & that he found the truth & love of Jesus. But if he didn't, is his death really something to laugh about? You say, he deserved it. But God says we ALL deserved it. It is because of God's grace & mercy that we are in right relationship with him and don't have to spend an eternity in Hell. I am thankful i accepted Him & believe in Him, because i know where i will go. But does knowing that give me a right to laugh at those who may not have found the truth?

It's so easy to see everyone else's faults other than our own, isn't it?

I guess that's all i have to say about that. And i'm sorry to those who do not understand what i mean about heaven & hell. I believe what the Bible says about these places & i know that every person will stand before God & give an account for their life. It saddens me where MJ may be; no matter what he did in life, no matter what choices he made. As another friend said in her blog, he was obviously a troubled soul. He obviously needed help. But, don't we all?

RIP - Michael Jackson - 08/29/58 to 06/25/09
RIP - Farrah Fawcett - 02/02/47 to 06/25/09


  1. Great Blog sweetie..
    I'm sad to hear the news of them both..

    How are you? I'm glad you found me on here, and my goodness congrats on your marriage! That is awesome, I'm sure he's a great guy, and very lucky to have you I might add.. (wink)
    We are well I'm pretty pregnant with our 2nd munchkin..a boy, and yes we have little Emmy Kate, she's 4, any kiddos for you guys coming soon?

  2. well said I think it is sad I pray he found Jesus in the end! By the way your blog is precious you can come design mine

  3. HAHA- i would love to help design yours, brooke! i enjoy it, but i'm not really thrilled about mine b/c on kevinandamanda.com (i think it is) they were telling how to download cute fonts for your titles- i worked on it forever & cannot get it to work! ack!

    lendie, no kids yet- just got married 8 months ago, but we won't wait TOO long, we're not getting any younger! HAHA! But yes he is wonderful! :) great finding you on here!:)


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