Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thanks, Uncle Cliff!



We have Brad's Uncle Cliff to thank!!! I'm so happy!! Now, if you're wondering about the shelves with no doors... he brought the door to his house so he can cut it right. It's just going to be a small cabinet to fit a few things in. YAY!

Annnnd a cute magnet my boss got me for the occasion. It's on "dirty" now because of course there are already dirty dishes in it! But it flips over to say "clean". Teehee.

Yay, dishwasher!!!

Summer Reading

So i've been reading a lot lately. I've always been a reader. But being busy (aka WORK) usually takes away from reading. Also, i've always gone through phases with reading... like would read one book after another for months at a time & then stop & be sick of reading! And then all of a sudden start reading non-stop again.

Anyway. I've been on a big reading kick ever since i read the Twilight series. I don't remember when i started them, but i remember i was on the second one, New Moon, on my honeymoon, which was in November. So since that series, i have just read one book after another & i don't want to stop!

So, i love chic lit. My sister says it is just "fluff" reading & that i need to read something more intelligent. But i disagree. I read for entertainment just like some people watch TV for entertainment. Not that i WON'T read anything intelligent. I love mysteries & biographies & more "serious" fiction. And i also like some Christian non-fiction, like those by Beth Moore & Lisa Bevere. But lately it's been a big chic-lit kick! It's a good thing for stressful times. It's a good escape, to laugh & smile for awhile! (Not that i'm stressed out at the moment! But sometimes at work & even at theatre it can get stressful & it's nice to not have to think about it for a bit!)

Anyway. I got hooked on Sophie Kinsella. I don't know if you've seen "Confessions of a Shopaholic", but it's a very poor version of the book! It's kinda cheesy & silly & they basically did the movie version exactly how i would NOT have done it! HA! But the book is EXCELLENT. HILARIOUS. Such a fun read. I read that book & then couldn't stop reading her other books. I never thought i'd be interested in the Shopaholic books, just because i'm not really the shopoholic-everything-i-wear-is-pink-&-i-only-wear-the-most-expensive-brands kinda gal. BUT. I read it anyway & it was HILARIOUS. Her characters are so funny & likable. So i read ALL the shopaholic books & then read all her other books (that aren't sequels).

I'm currently reading "Remember Me" which i think was one of Kinsella's first books. When it is done there is only one more by her that i can read, which is "Twenties Girl" & it just came out. I am afraid that when i finish this book, i'll be having withdrawals (since i don't like reading hardback books, i'll wait till it comes out on paperback).

All that to say... i need lots of suggestions on other great authors!! Comments, please!! And...if you like Chic Lit, read Kinsella! She's a hoot!

Monday, July 27, 2009

The King & I - update!

I should probably be keeping you updated on The King & I. It is going really well. Every performance has been sold out, which is why they added two shows. They added a Sunday night (last night) & a Wednesday night (this week coming up). It's been a lot of fun. It's a great cast & i love my crew! The kids are also doing great! Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks!

Christine & Paula. I shoulda known better than to try to get some pics during vocal warmups! They are trying to smile & sing at the same time! :)

Ravathi & Isabel. Two of the sweetest girls in the cast. :)

Danielle, Natalie & Emily. Honestly. I have never seen so many readers in one group, ever. And it's not just them. Me & Maggie & several others are also often caught with our nose in a book!

Me & Travis. This is our "Kyle please go get us something to drink please pretty please we'll be your best friend!" We do this to him right before intermission every night. :)

Natalie. Isn't she pretty?

Well, that's enough for now! We just finished our 3rd week. I can't believe how fast it's going! One more week. I'm off tonight & tomorrow. Then we have a show Wednesday through Saturday nights, plus matinees on Saturday & Sunday! Man, i'm pooped! ;) I'm loving it but am definitely ready for the break! I miss my husband! Tonight are auditions for EVITA, but i'm sitting out of this one. I plan to audition for a straight play (not a musical) called Agnes of God at the end of August. Doubt i'll make it b/c i'm not really the right age for any of the parts, but it all depends on who shows up to audition! :) I read it recently & loved it. Anyway, if i don't get in that, i'm going to stay on a break till i Stage Manage The Elephant Man in November (auditions in November, the actual show in January!).

Finally!! A Dishwasher!!!

Tomorrow THIS will be in my kitchen!! INSTALLED & READY TO USE!!!! HOORAY!!

Brad's Uncle Cliff has been saying he'd come & see what needed to be done. Well, he came on Saturday & said he'll be there all day tomorrow! By the time i get home, i should have a dishwasher! HOORAY!!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I am so happy about The King & I review in today's paper! What a great review!! You can read it here!
I agree with this review & am very thankful for a reviewer who actually REVIEWS the show. I hope she reviews them all from now on! But she is telling the truth! The show is fantastic!
It is nice to work really hard on something & then get a great review such as this one! =) Here is a pic of some of my crew- they do a LOT of work backstage & pull of some very quick set changes! Go, team! You're the best!
Robert, Neil, Travis, Natalie, Maggie & Emily

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Eight Months!

We've been married 8 months today! I can't believe it! One year is just around the corner! Crazy.

It's definitely been the best 8 months of my life.

8 of the reasons why he is so wonderful:

1- he will wait on me. bring me coffee just how i like it, bring me dinner, pour me some more tea... such a sweetie!
2- he is so silly! we can laugh & have fun & do cartoon voices all day together & have a blast. We're like little kids!
3- he lets me dress him.
4- he can tell when i'm down & he will come wrap his arms around me or massage my shoulders or give me a kiss on the neck, without saying anything. Just to let me know he loves me & knows something wrong.
5- he washed my hair last night. i think he put too much shampoo in b/c my hair is oily today. but still. :)
6- he humors me. yesterday, i called him just to tell him that i really want our children to go to the Baton Rouge School for Visual & Performing Arts. Even though we've always said we'd be living in Zachary or Central. And he totally was like talking about it as if we have a kid entering kindergarten in the next couple of years! he never once said "melissa. you're not even pregnant with our first child, yet." This is just one example. I will often call him about something i really want to do with/for our kids & he totally humors me. :) It's quite funny, when you think about it & it never dawns on me till later.
7- he is more understanding than anyone else on my need to do theatre. :)
8- he thinks i am cute. and beautiful. and he makes sure to tell me this all the time.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Very Good Friends

Jenn, Amanda, Ali, Becca & Me
My friend Amanda came in town to visit from California. Her brother & his wife had their baby, so she made a last minute decision & came to BR to see the new baby! While she was here, she had to have dinner with some of her good friends! We used to be the "crew" & visited a place called Springhouse together. It's a home for troubled teen girls & we went weekly & hung out with them & led a Bible Study. Anyway, we've all been friends for many years & i love it when we can get together.

I had just come from The King & I, so i'm looking pretty rough!! Very exhausted Mel. But i had to see these girls! I am so glad i did, it was fun catching up with them & can't wait to do it again when Amanda visits in August (I'm just assuming we will!!).
Had a great time with them. Love these girls.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Opening Night!

So, last night was Opening Night for The King & I! And it went very well, i think! *Almost* perfect! Haha. It was fun, too! So far i have heard nothing but great feedback about the show. A lot of people have been going on & on about the set & how beautiful the show is with the lighting & the set & costumes. So that's cool!

Leonard, who plays the King, is FANTASTIC! He is such a great guy to work with...i worked with him 2 summers ago in CATS. I always knew he was a great dancer (one of the very best...BR is lucky to still have him!), and he has truy blossomed as an actor & singer in this role. It's like the role of the King was MADE for him. I could also go on & on about Jennifer Ellis, who plays Anna. I've worked with her in a few shows before & i love her. She is AMAZING. And sweet. And kind of a role model to me as someone who can balance family & theatre... she does a great job!! I also have to mention Talia, who plays Tuptim... her voice is clear as a bell & gets an emotional response out of me many times. It's just... i don't know how to put it... hauntingly... or heartbreakingly...beautiful. She has several solos in this but my very favorite is the first one. Oh, if you could only hear it!

SO many others i have not mentioned, but they are all doing a very good job!! My hubby & his mom came last night & they had a LOT of good things to say. About the other supporting roles & the ensemble, as well as the leads. This is also one of the best casts & crews i've worked with. The cast is sweet, kind, not prone to drama or brattiness & ... OMG... they say "THANK YOU, FIVE" (a theatre thing casts are supposed to do but some BRLT casts don't & when they don't- well, just one of my pet peeves!).

I also LOVE working with Davis as the Stage Manager. I am Assistant Stage Manager & he is just a really great SM to work with! I would definitely work with him again! And my crew! Aw, my dear crew. Most of my crew - emily, travis, neil, toni, natalie & danielle - are people i have worked with as ACTORS, not stage crew! Most of them couldn't audition for one reason or another but now that it's here they just want to be a part of it! & they are GREAT. Danielle & Natalie & Emily were actually whores with me in Best Little Whorehouse! & Neil was in it too. HAHA. And I've SM'd Travis, Neil & Toni in other productions. And Travis & I were in Urinetown together. So, some of my crew are people i've been friends with for quite awhile! I also have Robert- who worked on The Producers with me, but i hardly got to see him & we had just met! Then i went on a forever long hiatus as he worked on show after show... so, i have to say, i am THRILLED to have him on my crew!! Because i know he's one of the very best! And then the new two techies- Maggie & Valerie- who are turning out to be a huge help & a great addition to the BRLT family. :)

and did i mention Emily Ryder? She is our other ASM, our fabulous child wrangler, & all i can say is... thank heavens for her!!!

So anyway- i am rambling & there are tons of wonderful people i'm leaving out...like those in the light booth & our fantatic directors... we couldn't have pulled any of this off without their help! But i guess if you don't know these people you are probably not even interested! But i am telling you! You should definitely come see The King & I! Because it is a great show!!! & it's selling out fast!!

2 of the wives- mary elizabeth & ashton
3 of my crew: natalie, danielle & travis

emily wright & emily ryder

me (asm) & davis (sm)

me with danielle & natalie

I will continue to update with pics all through The King & I, because that'll pretty much be my life until August 2!

Monday, July 6, 2009

So Happy for Me!

I lost another 2 pounds! That means, 9 pounds in my first month!!
I also did my measurements & I have lost 7 1/2 inches!!! YES!

YAY, Me!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The King & I

This is the show we are working on. Tonight is tech rehearsal & we open Friday!! Ahhh! I have been typing up all the things i am responsible for & getting it all organized! But it's coming together! Here are some pics from this morning's article!

Leonard Augustus, as The King

This is my favorite part of the show. Uncle Tom's Cabin. Here is Hayley, playing the mean Simon of Legree.

Rosalind, playing Lady Thiang.

And here are the stars- Jennifer Ellis as Anna (don't ya just love her dress?!) & Leonard as The King- They do an amazing job!

Come see the show! You can order tickets here!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Finally got him groomed! I wish i had a before pic, but i had left my camera at mom's! But man... he was looking like an orphan!!

He looks like a rascal in this pic, i wish i'd gotten one with a sweet expression...& yes, he has expressions!

This is my baby. I love him.

Please tell me...

That i'm not getting sick again?!?!

This is ridiculous!

I have been sick SOOOO MANY TIMES this year!! Why?! What is it?! I don't understand. No, i'm not allergic to Brad. :) That can't be it! But this whole year, both of us have been sick a lot. I am not sure who has been sick more, but probably me. Or, at least, i had staph infection early this year & he didn't. But i think everything else we've both had.

I also have started eating right & exercising for the last 5 weeks... isn't this supposed to HELP?!

I literally JUST finished antibiotic for a sinus infection. I remember thinking that if i was going to get sick, that was the time to do it, because i just COULD NOT be sick during tech. And here we are, starting tech week. Wed & tonight were tech rehearsals as far as i am concerned... but sunday is the official tech rehearsal & then we continue it all throughout the week. Preview is Thursday & Opening is Friday. Tech week is NOT easy- in fact, i usually stay semi-uptight until i am confident that i know EXACTLY when every fly needs to rise/fall and every set piece needs to come in or go out... you know what i'm saying. This will be MISERABLE if i am sick.

So, basically, i've been feeling much better, finishing my antibiotics. I took the last one day before yesterday, i believe. Tonight, I left for rehearsal feeling fine & came back feeling terrible. VERY BAD sore throat.

Someone, please say a prayer for me that tomorrow's day of rest & meds help me! I just cannot miss any more work & i also cannot be sick for tech!!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sweet Relief

Okay, i know you will think i am crazy, reading this blog. But i'm not. I assure you, I'm NOT. I'm not a huge worrier. I've never really worried too much. When surveys would ask "What are you most afraid of?"- many times i just couldn't think of an answer. Because you know... i'm not actually AFRAID of roaches, i just don't like them. I could walk in an alley late at night without any apprehension at all (much to the dismay of family. But don't worry- i don't actually practice this!). The only thing i'm ever actually afraid of is auditions... haha.

But since Brad has been back in my life, i could definitely say that my #1 fear would be losing him. i mean, it's nothing i dwell on or obsess over or anything. And I know he'd never leave me. But people lose loved ones all the time due to illness or accidents. I hope i don't sound obsessed; it's just that when you finally find that someone & truly love them with all your heart... well. If anything happens, your mind can work overtime.

So, last night. I had a production meeting at 6 & rehearsal at 7. I was talking to Brad as i was walking in the theatre & told him i'd call him after the meeting. He had just been grocery shopping & was ready to relax. Now, Brad is the most predictable person in the world. I always know where he is. He doesn't keep his cell phone on, unless he's not at home or at work, which would annoy most wives, but it doesn't bother me because he is always easy to get in touch with... and even if i can't get him, he will call me as soon as he sees he missed my call.

So, here is how last night went:
5:50- talking to brad, entering theatre, told him i'd call him after the meeting
6:45- after meeting, called brad, no answer. not worried.
7:00- called brad, no answer. i thought, "wierd. the answering machine didn't even pick up. he must be on the other line or something." not worried; went on with rehearsal.
7:30- called him again. and again. and again. and tried his cell. Usually he turns his cell off when he gets home, but it was on. It rang & rang & rang. Called again & again & again. Called his mother to see if he'd stopped over there or something. He hadn't.
8:40- STILL calling him. Starting to freak out. Sat in theatre & turned to director & asst director & said "i can't find my husband." They kinda teased me about being a newlywed & told me not to worry. But brad has been complaining about feeling lightheaded, even on the phone call before the production meeting. And he ALWAYS answers my calls. And so, crazy or not, i was starting to panic. I told the stage manager & he said "just let me know if you need to leave".
8:50- left the theatre in tears, pretty much picturing hubby unconscious in the living room. Driving home feeling a little shocked, mind working overtime. Kept thinking i'd get home & all would be fine, then started thinking about how i've never not been able to reach him, & why is his cell on & if it is on why isn't he hearing it & why is the house phone ringing off the hook & he knew i would be calling him & what is going on?! even wondered about calling 911... decided against it. I mean SURELY all was well, right?
9:10- Got home; fumbled with keys at the lock; he heard & opened the door. Looking happy to see me home early. Till he saw my face. I was like "are you ok?" & he was like "Yeah...?" & i was like... "i have been calling & calling since 7:00..." & of course, burst into tears.

So yeah- for some reason, the phone was off the hook. And his cell was in our bedroom ringing away, while he was in his studio on the other side of the house.

I can't say that i've ever SOBBED out of RELIEF, until last night.
I thought i'd be furious if he was okay, but i wasn't mad at all. Just relieved.

If he ever doubted my love for him, I'm sure he doesn't now. =)

(And seriously. I'm NOT crazy!)