Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Eight Months!

We've been married 8 months today! I can't believe it! One year is just around the corner! Crazy.

It's definitely been the best 8 months of my life.

8 of the reasons why he is so wonderful:

1- he will wait on me. bring me coffee just how i like it, bring me dinner, pour me some more tea... such a sweetie!
2- he is so silly! we can laugh & have fun & do cartoon voices all day together & have a blast. We're like little kids!
3- he lets me dress him.
4- he can tell when i'm down & he will come wrap his arms around me or massage my shoulders or give me a kiss on the neck, without saying anything. Just to let me know he loves me & knows something wrong.
5- he washed my hair last night. i think he put too much shampoo in b/c my hair is oily today. but still. :)
6- he humors me. yesterday, i called him just to tell him that i really want our children to go to the Baton Rouge School for Visual & Performing Arts. Even though we've always said we'd be living in Zachary or Central. And he totally was like talking about it as if we have a kid entering kindergarten in the next couple of years! he never once said "melissa. you're not even pregnant with our first child, yet." This is just one example. I will often call him about something i really want to do with/for our kids & he totally humors me. :) It's quite funny, when you think about it & it never dawns on me till later.
7- he is more understanding than anyone else on my need to do theatre. :)
8- he thinks i am cute. and beautiful. and he makes sure to tell me this all the time.


  1. Happy 8 months!

    Your number 6 cracked me up.

  2. isn't that hilarious? i never laughed once- we were both totally serious (it was on the phone). and then i got home & looked online & read him info about the school & he took it all seriously. and this morning i started thinking about it & started cracking up. He was like "what is so funny? are you laughing at me?!" & i was just like "i'm laughing about how you humor me. most guys would be like "melissa. shut up."

  3. Your so cute, and don't worry about planning for your kids future. Jonathan and I talk about what we will and will not allow our kids to do all the time. Poor kids aren't even here and have been in time out several times. HA HA.


    Happy 8 Months!

  4. I'm sooo happy for you Mel! :) Life is good. You waited for so long for something this perfect...glad it was worth the wait! Love you!

  5. thank you, amanda! & haha, aj that was hilarious! :)

  6. Congratulations! I am so happy you found your prince charming!

  7. Aw, cute post and so happy for you darlin.


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