Monday, July 27, 2009

Finally!! A Dishwasher!!!

Tomorrow THIS will be in my kitchen!! INSTALLED & READY TO USE!!!! HOORAY!!

Brad's Uncle Cliff has been saying he'd come & see what needed to be done. Well, he came on Saturday & said he'll be there all day tomorrow! By the time i get home, i should have a dishwasher! HOORAY!!!!


  1. My dishwasher has been broken for about two weeks now and I am sooo tired of washing dishes. I've been using a lot of paper. I keep having Mike call the landlord... she was sick, maintenance guy was out... I. DON'T. CARE! Get me my dishwasher! The worst part is that there is water just sitting in the bottom and I can't get it all out... it's smelling musty. Gross. Landlord said she is going to buy one tomorrow... so maybe we will have it in on Wednesday. Grr. I want a rent discount for this month!

    End rant.

  2. JEALOUS!!!

    My dishwasher (AKA my hubby) whines and complains the entire time, but gets the job done, haha...

    I appreciate the encouragement about the money woes- I find it funny how it gets to me sometimes, but usually I'm completely at peace about it. I've never been a big spender (true story: I saved every dime I made while working in a fish camp in high school for someday when Hubby & I would need it- saved so much we bought his Jeep with it years later!) so spending has never been the issue. Right now, we just have Hubby's income as an underpaid teacher and our house payment eats up most of each paycheck... and once the rest of the bills are paid, there just ain't much (if any) left. So I know once I start working things will perk up! Sunday was just one of those days.

    And, trust me, stay on the husband about buying a house- it is the best thing you can ever do. Knowing that you own the roof over your head is so worth it, plus you can get a loan for about as much a renting. But it's a blessing he's good with finances, I'm sure he's just making sure your ready. I'm sure you guys will be homeowners before you know it. :)

    Oh, and congrats on The King & I! It looks like a ton of fun!

  3. HAHA- my dishwasher is my hubby too! Well, till today hopefully! I just hate messy kitchens & he'll keep dishes spread all over it! HA! And just to clarify, we DO own our place- it's just that it's a trailer. & i want a house. :) Anyway i'm going to write on your blog in case you dont' see this!

    & laura, i'm sorry!! I've always loved having a dishwasher. i know how you feel!!! & i definitely know the feeling of relying on management that don't do what they're supposed to from all those years in apts! ARGH! hopefully yours will be fixed soon!


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