Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thanks, Uncle Cliff!



We have Brad's Uncle Cliff to thank!!! I'm so happy!! Now, if you're wondering about the shelves with no doors... he brought the door to his house so he can cut it right. It's just going to be a small cabinet to fit a few things in. YAY!

Annnnd a cute magnet my boss got me for the occasion. It's on "dirty" now because of course there are already dirty dishes in it! But it flips over to say "clean". Teehee.

Yay, dishwasher!!!


  1. Love it! It's so pretty! :) He did a fantastic job.

  2. Happy for you! Its a much needed thing.. :)

  3. YAY I am soo excited for you!!!

  4. When I saw the magnet I was like "Oooh I need one of those" because Mike and I are always yelling to each other "is the dishwasher clean or dirty!?"... then I remembered I have two small children and the magnet would last about two seconds.

  5. HA- true laura!!! LOL.
    but then i noticed this morning that there is a thing that lights up that says "clean" on the dw itself! so i guess i didn't need the magnet! but it's cute anyway!

  6. now u can be a housewife of this century! ha ha. congrats.


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