Monday, July 27, 2009

The King & I - update!

I should probably be keeping you updated on The King & I. It is going really well. Every performance has been sold out, which is why they added two shows. They added a Sunday night (last night) & a Wednesday night (this week coming up). It's been a lot of fun. It's a great cast & i love my crew! The kids are also doing great! Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks!

Christine & Paula. I shoulda known better than to try to get some pics during vocal warmups! They are trying to smile & sing at the same time! :)

Ravathi & Isabel. Two of the sweetest girls in the cast. :)

Danielle, Natalie & Emily. Honestly. I have never seen so many readers in one group, ever. And it's not just them. Me & Maggie & several others are also often caught with our nose in a book!

Me & Travis. This is our "Kyle please go get us something to drink please pretty please we'll be your best friend!" We do this to him right before intermission every night. :)

Natalie. Isn't she pretty?

Well, that's enough for now! We just finished our 3rd week. I can't believe how fast it's going! One more week. I'm off tonight & tomorrow. Then we have a show Wednesday through Saturday nights, plus matinees on Saturday & Sunday! Man, i'm pooped! ;) I'm loving it but am definitely ready for the break! I miss my husband! Tonight are auditions for EVITA, but i'm sitting out of this one. I plan to audition for a straight play (not a musical) called Agnes of God at the end of August. Doubt i'll make it b/c i'm not really the right age for any of the parts, but it all depends on who shows up to audition! :) I read it recently & loved it. Anyway, if i don't get in that, i'm going to stay on a break till i Stage Manage The Elephant Man in November (auditions in November, the actual show in January!).

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