Monday, July 13, 2009

Very Good Friends

Jenn, Amanda, Ali, Becca & Me
My friend Amanda came in town to visit from California. Her brother & his wife had their baby, so she made a last minute decision & came to BR to see the new baby! While she was here, she had to have dinner with some of her good friends! We used to be the "crew" & visited a place called Springhouse together. It's a home for troubled teen girls & we went weekly & hung out with them & led a Bible Study. Anyway, we've all been friends for many years & i love it when we can get together.

I had just come from The King & I, so i'm looking pretty rough!! Very exhausted Mel. But i had to see these girls! I am so glad i did, it was fun catching up with them & can't wait to do it again when Amanda visits in August (I'm just assuming we will!!).
Had a great time with them. Love these girls.


  1. Glad you had a great time! It's always fun to get to see people you don't see every day. :)

  2. aw yay, i had fun too! :) love ya

  3. I had a blast!! Thanks for coming Mel, it meant soo much to me :)


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