Saturday, July 4, 2009

Please tell me...

That i'm not getting sick again?!?!

This is ridiculous!

I have been sick SOOOO MANY TIMES this year!! Why?! What is it?! I don't understand. No, i'm not allergic to Brad. :) That can't be it! But this whole year, both of us have been sick a lot. I am not sure who has been sick more, but probably me. Or, at least, i had staph infection early this year & he didn't. But i think everything else we've both had.

I also have started eating right & exercising for the last 5 weeks... isn't this supposed to HELP?!

I literally JUST finished antibiotic for a sinus infection. I remember thinking that if i was going to get sick, that was the time to do it, because i just COULD NOT be sick during tech. And here we are, starting tech week. Wed & tonight were tech rehearsals as far as i am concerned... but sunday is the official tech rehearsal & then we continue it all throughout the week. Preview is Thursday & Opening is Friday. Tech week is NOT easy- in fact, i usually stay semi-uptight until i am confident that i know EXACTLY when every fly needs to rise/fall and every set piece needs to come in or go out... you know what i'm saying. This will be MISERABLE if i am sick.

So, basically, i've been feeling much better, finishing my antibiotics. I took the last one day before yesterday, i believe. Tonight, I left for rehearsal feeling fine & came back feeling terrible. VERY BAD sore throat.

Someone, please say a prayer for me that tomorrow's day of rest & meds help me! I just cannot miss any more work & i also cannot be sick for tech!!


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