Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Reading

So i've been reading a lot lately. I've always been a reader. But being busy (aka WORK) usually takes away from reading. Also, i've always gone through phases with reading... like would read one book after another for months at a time & then stop & be sick of reading! And then all of a sudden start reading non-stop again.

Anyway. I've been on a big reading kick ever since i read the Twilight series. I don't remember when i started them, but i remember i was on the second one, New Moon, on my honeymoon, which was in November. So since that series, i have just read one book after another & i don't want to stop!

So, i love chic lit. My sister says it is just "fluff" reading & that i need to read something more intelligent. But i disagree. I read for entertainment just like some people watch TV for entertainment. Not that i WON'T read anything intelligent. I love mysteries & biographies & more "serious" fiction. And i also like some Christian non-fiction, like those by Beth Moore & Lisa Bevere. But lately it's been a big chic-lit kick! It's a good thing for stressful times. It's a good escape, to laugh & smile for awhile! (Not that i'm stressed out at the moment! But sometimes at work & even at theatre it can get stressful & it's nice to not have to think about it for a bit!)

Anyway. I got hooked on Sophie Kinsella. I don't know if you've seen "Confessions of a Shopaholic", but it's a very poor version of the book! It's kinda cheesy & silly & they basically did the movie version exactly how i would NOT have done it! HA! But the book is EXCELLENT. HILARIOUS. Such a fun read. I read that book & then couldn't stop reading her other books. I never thought i'd be interested in the Shopaholic books, just because i'm not really the shopoholic-everything-i-wear-is-pink-&-i-only-wear-the-most-expensive-brands kinda gal. BUT. I read it anyway & it was HILARIOUS. Her characters are so funny & likable. So i read ALL the shopaholic books & then read all her other books (that aren't sequels).

I'm currently reading "Remember Me" which i think was one of Kinsella's first books. When it is done there is only one more by her that i can read, which is "Twenties Girl" & it just came out. I am afraid that when i finish this book, i'll be having withdrawals (since i don't like reading hardback books, i'll wait till it comes out on paperback).

All that to say... i need lots of suggestions on other great authors!! Comments, please!! And...if you like Chic Lit, read Kinsella! She's a hoot!


  1. Oh but there ARE more by her!!! She also writes under the name of Madeleine Wickham... Cocktails for Three, The Gatecrasher, Sleeping Arrangements and I think a few more. But those are the others I have read. Can You Keep a Secret was GREAT! I was hooked after about two paragraphs. :)

    Other authors... Kristen Billerbeck, DeeAnne Gist (GREAT!!!), Tamara Leigh (Christian chick lit... she's fantastic!), Tracey Bateman, Susan May Warren, Beth Pattillo, Anne Dayton, Kristin Harmel. That's what I have been reading. My church has a library and I LOVE IT!

  2. OHHHHH! I have read Kristen Billerbeck's & love them!! I didn't know Kinsella had others!! I think that is so wonderful!!!! LOL. I liked the Undomestic Goddess & i just finished Can you keep a secret- hilarious! I'm so excited to know she has other books!!! You've made my day!!! I'll write down the other ones to try also!

  3. Ok, so my all time favorite, like I said in my last blog, is Dorthea Benton Frank. She's got close to 10 novels out, and they are all fantastic.
    Anne Rivers Siddons & Pat Conroy are good ones too. Most of their novels are about the lives of Southerners, so I always love them!

    If you like Christian Chick lit, The Whitney Chronicles is really good! It's by Judy Baer.

    Happy reading!

    PS- I love-love-love-love Twilight!!!!

  4. Mel, I've recently read the shopaholic books too. Well, I got to the wedding one then stopped. I think that girl was stressing me out and I had to take a break from her. Ha! Anyways, they are hilarious! I would always read the notes that she wrote to the bank to Jason and he would crack up. I like to shop but it's amazing to me that there are really people in the world who are crazy spender shopaholics like that. Nuts!

  5. Ah ha ha! Jason is me...Aimie!!! :)

  6. HAHA, hey Aimie!! I love those books! But yes, there were times that girl was totally stressing me out! LOL. But i read them all anyway! She was funny. But yes, totally overboard! I read her letters to brad too!! "Can you keep a secret" & "the Undomestic Goddess" were really good though & not quite as stressful! HAHA.


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