Friday, August 14, 2009

9 months ago...

9 months ago Brad & i tied the knot! It is so wierd for me to think of myself as a married woman! I was single with no prospect in sight for 11 LONNNNG years! And then Brad came back into my life out of the blue & we were married less than a year later! It was a whirlwind romance, but with someone i'd known my entire life! And I love him more than anything.

People said "just you wait" while we were engaged. Over & over again they said it. We were two lovebirds & people are just so used to all lovey dovey stuff ending. I guess there are so many people out there who have been hurt, so many people whose marriages have turned sour, that they expect it's just a part of life; just how it happens for everyone. But that is not true! We have been so blessed! I know it's only been 9 months- it's not like i'm an expert or anything! But i will tell you that our marriage so far has been NOTHING but a blessing. Yes, you do have to work at it sometimes. You do have to talk things out if you want your marriage to work (seriously...i think in years to come we will have said that our marriage has been successful because we communicate about EVERYTHING & do not allow room for resentment or grudges to take place).

I am so glad i married him! Everyday i am so thankful for the man that God gave me to be my husband. We have so much fun, laughing together, talking together. Just tonight he wrapped his arms around me when i was in tears. He always brightens my day. He is just a wonderful person all around & i am so very thankful to be his wife.

Happy 9 months to us!!


  1. I've been married for six and half years... kids change things a bit and romantic outtings/dates are harder to plan... but my husband still gives me butterflies and even though we fight sometimes we are still very much in love. Don't let go of what you have! :)

  2. Congrats!!!
    We did the whole waiting thing, we dated 2 years & then we were engaged 3 years. While it worked for us because those 3 years helped us get prepared for marriage, I knew he was the one just 6 month after we started dating that some day he was gonna be my husband. When you know, you just know! And we you find love like that, you hold to it with everything you have!
    Happy 9 months of marital bliss! <3

  3. Happy 9 months hun! Jonathan and were together for 7 years before getting married, and I laugh when people call us newly weds. We have been the same since day one. Some people just have it. =)


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