Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dinner at Deangelo's

Last night we went to dinner with a whole bunch of people. My good friend, Amanda, & her boyfriend, Matt, were in from California & invited a ton of friends for dinner so they could kind of see everyone at once - since they're only in town for a few days!

It was a great group of people. A whole bunch of us went to church together at Victory 4 years ago (has it really been that long?!) & so it was wonderful to see all of them! Plus there were some that i still get together with but don't get to see too often! And then some new faces that i got to meet for the first time, though i've heard all about them from Amanda! Anyway, Brad & I had a great time at Deangelo's. :)

Amanda & Matt, in from Cali!

me & Jenn! I love me some Jenn! Cherish & Russ :)
me with Becca & Terri...beautiful people inside & out!
Jenn & Amanda! Love them!
me & hubby!!
I miss Amanda!!


  1. Okay, girl.... you have to have the world's most adorable smile! :)

    Oh, and I'm sorry for posting all my comments in one night, lol!

    YES! I'm on Facebook! Here's my profile page:
    I have my privacy setting set high so I don't have one of my students trying to facebook me, so let me know if you have trouble finding me, haha.

  2. thanks! & it's okay!
    & i can't find you on FB:( Everytime i type in your url, it brings me back to my home page. & if i put your name in search, it gives me about 145 ppl to sift through...
    search for me? melissa perry venable.

  3. Thank you for coming Mel Belle! It was soo wonderful to get to see so many people at once. I can't BELIEVE how many ppl were there!! :) Thanks again!

  4. no problem! we had a great time! :)


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