Sunday, August 23, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

Ok, so i've gotten a bit of sound advice from someone who looked at my transcripts. She says the QUICKEST degree for me would be to do Middle School Language Arts at Southeastern. I am not opposed to this. Secondary Ed with an English concentration was actually my major when i was in school, which is why i have so many English classes on my transcripts. I can totally see myself teaching middle school english & social studies, but we shall see.

I just filled out the FAFSA. It says 3-4 days for it to be processed, but it says that based on what i have entered it looks like i could qualify for a low interest loan. But i am not doing this without grants! I think at this point, i will cry if i can't go back to school. But i can't if i have to pay for it. I am already paying on the loans from back in the day (because i waited till forever to pay them off) & i don't want to add to that! But it would be worth it for me if i got a grant. It would actually be worth it to me if i DIDN'T, but paying for it is just something we cannot do. Fingers crossed!

I am more encouraged after my friend looked at my transcripts. She says if i do middle school language arts, i'm more than halfway done. But it's just something to think about. If i decide i still want to stick with elementary education, i have to just figure out which school would let me do this in the quickest way. Downside to SLU is that it is an hour from my house. But if it gets me out of school faster... maybe. It's just a lot to think about. (From what i've heard, Southeastern also has a top notch education department.)

I will go to talk to a counselor at Baton Rouge Community College this week & see what they say. That is where i want to start anyway. Please be praying for me!


  1. I don't know about the BR area schools, but in TX (or at least the Dallas area) once you're certified in one subject/area you can pay $80 and take a certification test and get certified in anything you want! I went for school for Vocal Music, but I'm now also certified in Art and 4-8 Generalist (meaning I can teach anything in 4th - 8th grade). This may also be a possibility for you so you can get the quickest degree, but could also end up teaching something else later on. Just ask your LA teaching friends.

    I'm crossing my fingers for a grant! If you can't, what about a Perkins Loan? I got one through LSU when I was in Grad. School. They're super low interest and I only pay around $65 a month for mine (and that was with me taking out around $8,000).

  2. i don't know if we'll be ok with a loan since i'll be debt free when i finish paying off this loan & we'll be looking into house buying eventually. something to think about. but i really need a grant!!! it's just going to have to happen!! but thank you!

  3. Mel... another option would be to not be a full time student... just take what you can afford. So that might mean taking a part time job to pay for it and taking a maybe two night classes a semester. It would take longer but it is an option other than going in to debt.

    Anyways... James 1:5 :)

  4. Thanks, Laura! Yep- i'm praying for a grant- but we'll see!!

    i have a friend who works full-time & goes to school- she said it's not that bad! & she is a single mom! So surely i can do this!


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