Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fievel is 5!

So, i used to be OBSESSED with dogs, to the point where people would buy me doggie-items, such as the pj pants with little dogs all over them- but i absolutely was NOT going to get one. I mean, i was a college girl, lived on my own, could barely afford rent, much less a dog! But i went to the restaurant my sister co-owned at the time & one of the waitresses had a little tiny 6 week old Shih Tzu there, ready to be sold. I held him & he looked up at me & i am telling you: it was love at first sight. I HAD TO HAVE HIM. But how would i take care of him? I ended up getting him. And, regretted it. For about the first year. He was so cute, but SO BAD! And i was just never, ever home so he spent many hours stuck in my bedroom...
These days he has the LIFE! Now, even if i am doing a show, Brad is always home. Fievel is as much his as he is mine! Brad's got a stepson! Hehe. But i am home a lot more than i was at the time. Fievel is more affordable these days, i suppose, but mostly he's much sweeter!! He can definitely be a rascal, too, though!

HAHA. i feel so corny writing this, because i can absolutely promise you that i am not one of those silly girls that carries their dog in a purse & dresses him up!! But i do love my sweet dog, Fievel. :)


  1. So I used to be that girl, Yes, I have a chihuahua, Bambi Camille..LOL..I no longer carry her around b/c I have human baby..ha ha..
    I also have a pug, Lilly Belle, they are really southern ladies..LOL..ha!
    I love Fievel, so cute, and of course I always think of the little mouse..

  2. LOL! that's funny! I love your dog's names too! & i LOVE pugs!

  3. Such a cutie! By the way, both of our "furbabies" were born in August!!! :) Our dog, Bella, turned 3 August 2nd. <3


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