Friday, August 28, 2009


So, i have printed out the curriculums for the following:

SLU - Elementary Ed (grades 1-5)
SLU - Middle School Ed (grades 4-8) (I would be teaching English & Social Studies)
SLU - Secondary Ed (English, grades 6-12)
LSU - Elementary Ed (grades 1-5)
LSU - Secondary Ed (English, grades 6-12)- Apparently you have to do a 5-year program & get your Master's at LSU? I can't imagine that is true, but everything i'm finding on their website suggest that. If so, i will not be doing that! It's amazing enough I'm going back to school! Grad school? Not gonna happen!

I printed each curriculum out & highlighted the classes that i have already taken.
The sad news is that, although i have plenty of english classes, i don't have the English classes that are required for the middle or secondary ed programs. I have a lot of writing classes, but literature classes are required. Unless SLU or LSU will let me substitute the classes i have for the ones i should have, then i will probably be in school for 3 or more years. But if they would let me use those classes, then maybe just 2. Which would be SOOO awesome. :)

The program that appeals to me MOST is SLU's middle school program. I like it because it is for grades 4-8. I could teach middle school English & Social Studies & i think i would enjoy teaching that most; but if not, i could do upper elementary. That is the one that is ideal to me. But there are downsides to going to SLU that i also have to look at (having to do with its location).

I think no matter which program i choose, it will take me at least 3 years. I had thought 2 but, unless they let me use my other English classes, it's not going to happen!

I have awhile to decide for sure & no matter what I'm starting out at BRCC. It is right by my work, 20 minutes from my house & much more convenient. & i know i can pass Math & Science there! If Southeastern & LSU were both in Baton Rouge, i'd go to SLU just because of that middle school program. But SLU is an hour from my house & that is without the traffic! I could handle that 2 or 3 days a week, but student teaching is daily & they send their student teachers to Livingston & BEYOND. I would do Livingston. But anything farther...not so much. LSU is not far from me at all. And i liked it when i went there before, even though i didn't do well. It's a great school. So is SLU. So i just don't know.

All of this is IF i get approved for financial aid! I can't do a loan. I am just now paying on my loans from ages ago & just do not want to add on to that! So i'm praying i get financial aid!

I am planning to take the ParaPro exam on Friday, September 25th. It is the test to allow you a job as a Para (teacher's aid). That way i could get in the classroom (& out of the office!).


  1. Hi Melissa - nice to meet you too! I'm so glad you're following mine and am loving reading both of yours as well!
    I just wanted to let you know that I work at a university in Pennsylvania, so I know a lot about financial aid and things like that. Anything that you don't have to pay up front is considered financial aid, including loans! So your financial aid approval will likely include loans as well as - if you're lucky - some grants. But don't expect to get loans to cover your entire education; that almost never happens. Just remember, when you get a degree, it means that you're very likely going to get a job that pays a lot more than one for someone without a degree so you will be able to afford loan payments far more easily than you realize! Don't be afraid and don't give up your dreams just because it's expensive!

  2. Hi! Thanks for the advice! I'm just hoping i can get SOME grants. See, i went to school 7 years ago & got loans for that. I was stupid then & didn't pay them at all till now... so i'm owe over 5k now. My hubby is NOT going to go for adding onto those loans. That's why i'm hoping for grants!!

  3. Oh, i see how i worded it now! Should have said I hope i get approved for a grant! I kind of knew that it included loans. i just have already done the loan thing & am kind of hoping for something i don't have to pay back.

  4. Loans schmoans. There are a TON of... shoot! What are those things called where you usually have to write why you should get it and then they award you money for your education? Maybe I should just delete this and try again later haha. SCHOLARSHIPS! That's what I'm talking about. Look in to those and apply for them all!

    Thanks for letting me know my bday is on a friday this year! Sweet!

  5. HAHA! your bday is 9/25, i take it?! awesome! :) & i agree! i am not adding on to loans! i will apply for grants & scholarships like crazy! fingers crossed!

  6. What a lot of people don't know is that when you get a degree in middle school, you are highly marketable, because the whole middle school concept in relatively new. Most teachers in middle schools are either elementary certified or secondary content area certified and went back for middle school certification... people with a middle school degree get training specifically in middle school; the philosphy behind it, the whole process and craziness of adolescence, and usually, the students in middle school degree programs are like family- at WU, we have EIGHT of us graduating with a degree in middle. We are closer with our professors, and we're a much, much closer group. I can't say enough good things about middle school... I could talk to you about it for hours!!!!!
    Maybe you can try substituting to be around students and just get a feel for what age you connect with?


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