Sunday, August 23, 2009

important announcement!

I have decided i want to be an elementary school teacher. I've decided this for sure. So, i'm now looking into what i need to do to get there.

I can't believe i'm doing this. If you know me at all, you know i have sworn i would never go back to school. And yet, here i am.

Please pray for me. I am looking at transcripts that are causing me to feel like such a loser. Such a failure. I am regretful of things that i cannot take back. If only you could see these transcripts. Such a waste. I know it is never too late! It's just that i wish i'd either not gone at all till i was ready, or that i had gone & buckled down & did what it took to succeed. Oh, why must it be so difficult?

So i am desperately wishing that TODAY I could find a job in a school as a para (teacher's aid) so that i would at least get some classroom experience & so that i would be in a classroom period- as opposed to a cubicle! But there are requirements to being a para that i do not have. SO i am looking into those as well.

i honestly would leave my job if i could make it just substitute teaching. but they pay non-degreed subs WAYYYYY less than i make now. That would not work for us! But a para job would be a small pay raise.

i am looking into the best way for me to get my education degree. I need MUCH PRAYER that i will do the right thing & not waste any more years as i have done in the past!

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