Friday, August 28, 2009

the weekend is here!

I love the weekend. I think i love it more than the average person, though i'm sure that might not be true. Though many are in satisfying enjoyable careers & i am not, so i'm thinking that Fridays might be a bit more of a relief to someone like me.

So the weekend is here & i am so glad!

Today after work i had to go out to my bank, which is all the way across town. I NEVER go out there anymore (my bank has only one location in town. Crazy.) Anyway, since i was out there, i went in Target, because (1) once again, i'm never on that side of town & the other Target is even farther! & (2) i have a gift card to Target. So i went. And, stocked on a few needs & wants. =)

Then, i stopped at JC Penney because i heard they are having a sale & because brad desperately needs black slacks. He has choco brown & khaki, but his black ones no longer fit (a mystery since they are the same size & style as the other ones, which still fit perfectly!). Anyway, i went into JC Penney & hit a sale! YAY! I love it when that happens! All the men's stuff was 50-75% off! I thought i'd only be able to afford a pair of pants, but i got him the black pants, some navy shorts & a royal blue striped polo! I was pumped!

On tomorrow's agenda is... NOTHING! I don't have anywhere to be (& most likely will keep it that way!) & Sunday, i have church & we also have auditions at 5:30 for Agnes of God, a play on BRLT's second stage. I am Stage Managing. I can't wait!

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