Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Agnes of God

So we had auditions for Agnes of God this week & they went so well. Several new faces & i always love that. I absolutely love auditions when I am on the other side of the table. Actually auditioning is terrifying. Your mind will not stop talking to you & you kind of feel like you're going crazy. (There are some, a small few, who LOVE to audition. These people are wierd & i cannot fathom how they feel this way. But i would love to know their secret!)

Anyway. So this was a very hard selection process. We definitely could have cast it twice. At one point during callbacks, i asked the director, "Can we just cast this twice & alternate performances?!" He laughed, but i was only kind of kidding.

Anyway. It is now cast & it is going to be great! I am very excited to work with Bill. I acted with him in Urinetown, i've seen him in plenty of other shows, but i've never worked with him as director. As far as the cast, we have Blanche playing the psychiatrist, Leslie playing Mother Miriam Ruth & Lauren who is playing Agnes. Auditions were the first time I saw Leslie & Blanche, so working with them will be new! But I've done many shows with Lauren & i love her to death!!!

Our first read-thru is this Thursday & then rehearsals start on Tuesday.

Oh and also BRLT has redone the website & it is SOOOO much better. Check it out here!!

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