Monday, September 21, 2009


This weekend was wonderful! Kind of a late anniversary date on Friday (our 10 month anniversary was on Monday!). Anyway, after work, i dropped hubby off at the bookstore & i went to Lane Bryant. Got me some clothes. :) Then picked hubby up & we went to eat dinner at La Madeleine's, next door. Yum! Then we saw EVITA at BRLT. It was SOOOO good! I was scared i would hate it because it's considered a "Rock Opera Musical" & i started to watch the movie (with Antonio Banderas & Madonna) & it was so awful i turned it off. I thought the music sounded terrible. But BRLT's version of the musical was REALLY good! Very well done! The ensemble sounded SO good & powerful! Samantha & Cliff & Albert, who were the leads, were perfect. Samantha had me crying in the end. She played Eva Peron. I love how they ended the show. very dramatic. But very sad. Anyway, it was really good! You should go here for tickets!!

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