Monday, September 7, 2009

Family Time

I love 3-day weekends! And, if i were in charge, we'd have them every weekend! Just saying...

So, let's see. Friday we just relaxed & took it easy. Saturday, we went to my parents & spent some time with them! I'm so glad; i honestly hadn't seen my parents in FOREVER, it seemed! We went over there about 10 AM & came home about 2, i think. Mom & I cooked. Dad & hubby helped with some of it. We had BBQ pork, potato salad, coleslaw... it was delicious! And, i made the potato salad...something i'd never made before...& it turned out so good! Brad LOVED it & he's told me before that potato salad is not his favorite food! But he had 2 helpings of it & said it was the best he's ever had! :) Proud wife here!

Sunday, Brad & I visited his parent's church. We enjoyed it. They go to a baptist church in town. It's a great church; i know a lot of people that go there & i've heard nothing but good about this church. It was cool - several people that were at the wedding (that have known brad's family forever) were there, so it was good to see them again! Plus a few friends of mine go there that i hadn't seen in awhile, so that was fun too!

Sunday evening, Brad & i went to his parent's for some coffee. (If you didn't know it, Brad's family has a reputation of making the best coffee ever - it's because they all do it the old fashion way - on a stove in a drip pot!). Anyway, brad's sister Jaimie (who is my age) was there too & we all just talked & laughed for a little while. I love my in-laws.

And today. What a wonderful day! This morning, Brad & I went walking. When we got in, I started cleaning the house. Got a lot done & it looks so much better! Had some time to chill for awhile, then we went to Brad's aunt's house for a late lunch. His uncle made steaks on the grill & they were delicious!! Add a salad & potato dish with that & man!! Good eating! We had a wonderful time! Brad's Granny, the one who recently had open heart surgery, was there! She is staying at some sort of rehabilitation place, so she had a day pass today. So glad we got to see her & i know she was glad to be home!! (Well, her home is actually next door. But close enough!) We had a really good time. I love brad's family - all of them!!

It's been a wonderful day (weekend, actually) & i love my hubby more than ever! I am telling you, i often think about how lucky i am! It's been almost a year & we still have no clue what people were talking about when they said all throughout our engagement "the first year is SOOO hard!" We keep saying, "REALLY?! Because this has been the best year of my life!" It's so wonderful! I just love him so much! I am more in love with him everyday. I'm such a lucky girl!


  1. sounds like a great weekend! i think we should have 3 day weekends once a month :)
    why did you visit the church yesterday something special???

  2. Your a sweetheart Melissa..Its so adorable when you talk about your hubby.
    Yes, I hear ya..I'm still puppy dog silly over Jason, but yea, for us the first year was more than wonderful but definitely had its moments..I believe though its b/c we were so young..19 as a matter of fact..Youngins..
    Oh well 9 yrs. later, we are still super happy and a strong couple..Thanks to Jesus, we have made it threw tough times..
    I'm very happy for you and yours..
    When God puts someone in your life it just keeps getting better, and you love at heights you never imagined..

  3. Aw, thank you, Lendie! It's funny, i was 19 when we dated the first time but then we broke up!! It's so awesome being married to him, though of course we've had our moments, too! It's still the BEST! I think you & jason are great together too! :)

    & brooke, no, we just had been telling his parents we'd go w/ them sometime. they wanted brad to see everyone b/c so many people they go to church w/ have known their family forever. so we did!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I am so happy that you are so happy! I hope our marriage is filled with as much joy as yours! Thanks for all the sweet comments!


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