Thursday, September 10, 2009

Poor Little Blazer

So, Tuesday, I was on my way to the theatre for our first Agnes of God rehearsal, when my car died. YUP. Right there as soon as i got off the interstate (which isn't exactly in the greatest area of town!). Thankfully, there was a business right there & the owner was SO nice. My car had smoke coming out the hood & when we popped the hood & poured water in, it started like boiling & water splurting everywhere. NICE. Hubby came & rescued me & actually his parents came too! They are the best! I never made it to rehearsal... terrible for a Stage Manager, but what can ya do?! Anyway...hopefully it's not that big a deal. We are taking it to get it fixed tonight. Brad's family has a guy they use & he does a great job & hardly charges anything! Hopefully he doesn't charge much this time, too!

Otherwise, this week has gone okay. For those of you who don't know, I'm working hard to lose weight. Check out my weightloss blog! My challenge for this week was NO FAST FOOD & so far, so good! Now, if only i could exercise & eat right BOTH AT THE SAME TIME... i'm usually good at one or the other! Ah, well, i'll get there!


  1. Hey Girl,
    are you still going back to school to be a teacher? I am considering going back as well. I already have a degree just not in education!

  2. Well, lucky you because you can get done quickly! What is your degree in? I thought you were education to begin w/? You'd make a great teacher! Anyway, I think if you already have a degree you can just do an alternate certification or something like that?! But yes i am still planning on going back! i just hope & pray i can get a grant. I realized i only need 19 hours for an associate's degree, so i'm going to do that at BRCC first & then go to LSU or SLU for education!


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