Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Agnes of God

Blanche (Dr. Livingstone), Me (Stage Manager), Leslie (Mother Miriam Ruth), Bill (director), Lauren (Agnes) & Mrs. Kathy (props lady)

Agnes of God is going really well. It is intense & i love watching it. I hope in years to come i have the opportunity to perform in this show. I was a bit too young for the doctor & even MORE too young for the Mother! I didn't feel like i was "right" for Agnes. But oh, how i would love to act in this show!!

For some reason, i like stage managing straight plays more so than musicals. It's just easier. Lot less to worry about. Lot less stress. I like the smaller casts, too. Musicals are great fun, too, just more stress over a longer time period! This cast has been wonderful. I already knew Lauren, who plays Agnes & i love her. Blanche & Leslie are both newcomers to BRLT & they are both very sweet & fun- & did i mention talented!?

Today the review for the show came out! I was so excited! They got a great review!! You can read it here! Or go here to order your tickets! This is the last weekend!!

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