Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Just Ask!

Yes, just comment on this blog & ask me anything. Is there anything you've been wondering about me?
My life? My choices? Opinions, favorites, hobbies?! Just ask!

I will write a blog answering your question very soon!

My friend did this recently & I have really enjoyed reading her blogs where she answered questions that were asked!!

So, please do comment & ask me anything! Even if you never ever comment on my blog! (You do not have to have a blog to comment on mine!)


  1. What is your greatest accomplishment so far in life?

  2. do you miss me?? kidding
    where do u see yourself in 10 years

  3. Great idea! I may have to do the same over on my blog!!

    My question is:
    If you could bring 3 things on a deserted island what would they be?

  4. yayyy! more questions!! :) will answer soon!

  5. Hi! Okay here's a question: did you move growing up, or did you always live in the same place? Did you always live in the same town?

  6. In previous blogs you've talked about wanting children. My question is what lessons in life have you learned that you will pass on to your children in hopes they will learn from your experiences.

  7. How does Brad make his coffee. I'm dying to know how he makes it so special. lol

  8. Natalie- i LOVE that you asked this!!!!

    Amanda- Yikers! that's a hard one! But i know i have some answers in this brain somewhere... LOL

    I'll answer y'alls soon!

  9. Why did you have to get a real job and quit watching my twins? Mama needs a break! Haha.


  10. AHAHAHAHA- hire me again & i'll quit my job. (i swear.) if you match what my company pays me! LOL. (not that it's a whole lot.)

    Ok, now i need a REAL question!

  11. My SECOND questions is... why you YOU not asked ME a question yet!??? :) I expect a blog dedicated to answering this question. haha.

  12. hahahaha- so true! I have to think of a question for you!!! idk why i haven't yet!


Comments are my favorite.