Sunday, October 11, 2009

Car Trouble - Fun?

Remember recently when i talked about how everything was falling apart? Well, Saturday, i realized i'm BROKE. I was in tears for a lot of the day, just depressed & upset about money & how all of it was going to repairs. I got an oil change on Saturday & we also decided that Monday we'd get new tires on Brad's car & Tuesday on my car. Then, i left the show Saturday night & my car wouldn't start. I was like...'are you kidding me?! come on!" Thankfully, the cast of Agnes of God was still around, plus Zac & CJ (theatre friends who were in the audience that night). They, in addition to Mrs. Kathy, the props lady, all stayed with me & waited till my husband got there. It was so sweet. I felt bad because they waited with me for awhile & it was late. But, man! I have got to say... i have never had THAT MUCH FUN while having car trouble!! We laughed ourselves silly! (It's because Zac is a comedian. I already knew that. It was my first time meeting CJ, but we were instant friends & he had me rolling laughing!! Thankful for good friends who can turn what would normally be a frustrating situation into a happier one!!

Pics from Saturday night -
Zac & CJ getting out the jumper cables

Zac can't resist a moment to strike a pose!

Me & the cast of Agnes of God: Leslie, Blanche & Lauren

CJ, Mel, Zac & Lauren

Ok. CJ was hilarious. He & Zac were definitely entertainment as we waited for hubby. CJ pretended he was a talk show host & interviewed the actors, the props lady, the stage manager (me) & even Zac to get the audience perspective of the play. He was HILARIOUS! We were howling laughing!!

Finally, my hubby & his dad came to help me!! All my friends left & Brad's dad worked on my car for a bit. We finally got it started & got it home. Today Brad's dad is going to take it to see what's wrong & get it fixed. We are so thankful he volunteered to do this because we both really can't take off of work right now (as we've missed a bit lately & have vacation coming up next month!).

And as far as money goes, i know it will all be alright! Just sucks that it all has happened right before our trip! But i know it will work out. We money manage- so it won't be the same (as bad) as my single days when i had no idea how to handle money!!

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