Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Laura at Life Happens gave me the Fabulous Blog award!! Yipee!

Laura & i met online years ago & became friends quickly! I'm so glad she is into blogging, because I can keep up with her life this way & see pics of her ADORABLE kids! You should definitely check out her blog! It's fun reading about her life as an awesome wife & mom! She is also an amateur photographer & i love looking at her photos! We do not live near each other, but we have decided that one of these days we're going to have to meet in person! 

Now, there are rules that come with this award. So pay attention if i listed you at the bottom!! :) Share the 5 things that you are obsessed with & then pass the award along to your pick for the 5 most fabulous bloggers.

Melissa's Current Obsessions:

1. CHIC LIT. I have always loved to read, but i would read all types of books. I also went through phases where I'd read awhile & then not read anything & then get back into reading. Well, since i read the Twilight series - a year ago - i have been on a NON STOP chic lit fit! It's become a serious addiction. To the point that if i finish a book on my lunch break, i have to go to the bookstore after work to get the next one! If i finish an author, i'm kind of at my wit's end until i find another one. The Twilight series was great, but i wasn't obsessed or anything. But then i just somehow came across Marian Keyes, who writes some very witty stuff! I went through all of her books (except the one that is still in hardback), then found Sophie Kinsella & read all of hers (hilarious! SO enjoyable). I've gone through plenty of authors in between & am now LOVING Emily Giffin. Sadly, she only has 4 books & i'm reading her fourth one now. I am loving Chic Lit. My sister has told me i need to read something more intelligent, but i completely disagree! You watch entertaining movies, right? Not documentaries all the time! Reading is entertainment for me. I suppose i'll eventually get back into mysteries, a good drama, or some serious nonfiction...but for now, Chic Lit is my thing! 

2. Blogging. When i was in 5th grade, my friend Ali gave me a journal for my birthday. It was the first one i ever got & i wrote in it sporadically. I had 2 more sporadically written in journals in middle school, but by high school i got the hang of it & wrote in one ALL the time. I still have them all saved - handwritten journals from age 11 to my early 20's - in a bin underneath my bed. They are my most private thoughts, mostly about boys, my insecurities & fears & frustrations, and about my walk with God. I wish i still journaled by hand. I think of reading these in future years & it's exciting. It's precious. But somehow blogging started & i just can't even think of writing them in a book anymore (no matter how much i'd like to)! I started blogging on myspace, but when i switched to facebook, there really wasn't a good set up for blogging. I had just gotten married and wanted to chronicle our journey of wedded bliss so i started this one. I become more & more obsessed with it! I LOVE it! I am always checking to see if i got comments (so you should comment! it'd totally make my day!) or to see if anyone i am following has posted a new entry! I love writing my own but i also love reading about other's lives! By the way, i have another blog about my weightloss journey called Try Try Again, if you'd like to read that one!

3. A Long Hot Bath. I don't know where this came from. But for awhile now, i've been really stressed out at work & there is nothing that relaxes me like getting in the tub with a novel (yes, i read in the tub- much to my husband's horror (he likes his books to stay in perfect condition.) (Please don't worry if you've loaned me a book- i only do this to my own books!!). Anyway, nothing like a nice long relaxing hot bath to soothe some nerves. (Note: If the day is really bad, this is sometimes accompanied by a small glass of wine!) (Also, a massage afterwards makes your de-stressing tub relaxation time even MORE fantastic!).

4. Theatre. I just can't help it. I'm involved at Baton Rouge Little Theatre & i love it. I love performing. I love stage managing. When I'm taking a break from theatre, i miss stage managing. When i'm stage managing, i miss performing. I auditioned in 2006 for Beauty & the Beast & can't seem to leave. Sometimes when a new person auditions & is cast, at some point their eyes glaze over as they tell everyone how much of a dream it's been & how they will miss it & how great of an experience it is & how cool it is to learn how it all works & at some point someone stops them & says, "you've caught it. You've caught the bug." They call it "the theater bug" & if you've ever been a part of theatre & loved it as much as i do, you know EXACTLY what i am talking about. It just becomes your life. Your passion. Your love. I love the challenge of getting to know your character & growing as a performer when i'm acting. I love the casting process & rehearsal process as a stage manager- watching the actors progress & learn. It's just a fantastic experience.

5. Cooking. This is new for me. I was afraid i wouldn't know how or wouldn't be good at it. But i love it. I am learning new recipes all the time & it's so fun to cook! No matter how tired i am, if i come home & have ingredients for a new meal, i do it. It's fun & feels creative & like a de-stresser. If you look on the sidebar to your right, there's a list of some of the recipes i've tried this year. Delish! Please feel free to send me any of your own recipes as well!

Now, here are 5 people who definitely deserve the Fabulous Blog Award! :)

1. Sharilee at 100togo.
Sharilee found my Try Try Again blog while looking for others blogging about their weightloss efforts. We discovered right away that we have so much in common. I love reading her blog. And i'm so glad i've met her, she's been a huge encouragement to me! You should go on over & give her blog a read!!

2. Breezy Bride at Shine from the Inside.
I found Briana's blog by accident when i was blog surfing- i somehow stumbled upon it. She's a newlywed like me & she is a Christian like me & she is also in school to be a teacher...like i wanna be. :) HAHA. She writes a great blog & i love reading about her adventures in life & love! (Now, i know she's busy with school, but hopefully she'll do this blog anyway!)

3. Ashlee at Blessed Chick.
I actually know Ashlee in person. Our parents live in the same neighborhood & we worked together for a time at a preschool. I have always liked Ashlee! She is so cute & funny! Her blog doesn't disappoint, she is quite witty! & she is a BRAND NEW newlywed. :)

4. Lendie at The McAlister's.
I know Lendie in real life, but it's been so long since i've seen her! We went to church together years ago. I was pleasantly surprised to find her blog one day by accident! Lendie is just as sweet is gorgeous & it's fun to follow her blog. :)

5. Allison at Operation 365.
I only met Allison recently. We both are in a serious struggle to lose weight & keep it off. She has a great blog about her effort to lose 100 pounds in 365 days. She is doing great! You should definitely check out her blog - you can leave her a little encouragement & gain a bit of inspiration!


  1. DeeAnne Gist!!! Read her. Have you read Nicholas Sparks?? I love his books. He has a new one out and I am waiting for the library to have it available. The next book I am reading will be Twilight. It's sitting on my shelf waiting for me to finish the book I am on.

    I read in the bath to relax too. And always secretly hope for a massage after to finish it off haha. (You had and awful lot of () in that paragraph haha!)

  2. I know. (I thought it was funny.) HA! Guess what? You were in my dream last night. Isn't that crazy?! (I don't remember anything about it though! HAHA! I think we went on a trip together or something. (more paranthesis- i don't think i'd tell any other online friends if i dreamed about them b/c it sounds kind of creepy! but i mean it non-creepily!) ANYWAY- i hope you like TWILIGHT...some ppl are disappointed b/c of all the hype. I loved them- & twilight was my least favorite but you have to start w/ it- but i wasn't obsessed or anything! I read 1 nicholas sparks book...forgot the name of it! i loved it! i'll try deanna gist!

  3. I am excited to be reading your blog!

  4. I totally don't remember how I did half the stuff on my blog I've done! I had to figure out the html/java junk a while back. Use Amanda Bottom's tutorial! She is AMAZING. And I use tiny pic for hosting!

    I'm glad to know my blogging is missed! :) Thanks & <3!


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