Saturday, October 3, 2009

Household FUN!

So, lately everything around our house has fallen apart. It's kind of a little bit bordering on extremely ridiculous! HA! Just a list... & let's see if i get this right...

1- kitchen sink faucet - The sprayer works but it is very hard to wash dishes with just the sprayer b/c you need to use your hand for the sprayer & your hand for the dish you're washing! this is not AS BAD of a problem as it was before we got our dishwasher, but it's still a problem!! We have to get a new faucet & we went to Walmart & we didn't like the few they had. So we keep meaning to go to a hardware store, but haven't yet. We gotta do that soon b/c it's been broken FOREVER now & it's really annoying.

2- my blazer broke. one night on my way to the rehearsal (FOUR WEEKS AGO!!!) my car broke down. we have this guy that works on our cars & he is SO cheap & he does a great job, so he's wonderful to have! The only issue is that it's his side job, so he can only do it when he can get to it, ya know? Well, he tried to do an easy fix- something he was hoping would work- but it didn't work. So today he replaced the radiator. YAY! My car is fixed. Hubby & i have been carpooling in his car, & he has this tiny little toyota (a tercel). I keep telling him it is the car for skinny short people... because i'm telling you - i hit my head EVERY TIME i get in it! & the seatbelt jabs into my side. I hate it! He is taller than me but i guess he's used to it. I have an SUV & i guess i'm used to stepping up into a vehicle. ANYWAY- point is, i'm thrilled to have my blazer back!! BUT we also need new tires on it, definitely before our trip in November!

3- our A/C broke for the 5903094 TIME!!! They told us we do not have to fix this really until February or so since it's getting into the cooler months. I mean, it runs fine, just every once in awhile it will freeze up. It is going to be pretty expensive to get it fixed, but at least we can wait awhile so we can save up for it!

4- a drawer in the kitchen, the one where we keep our silverware! OMG. This is SO annoying. After all those other things broke, brad went to open that drawer & it just like fell off the track. He thought that was the only issue, but when he went to investigate, the whole track thing was  like broken in half. WHAT?!?!? I mean, really?! So yeah. That's another thing that has to be fixed & right now the entire drawer is sitting on the counter. Now. I got a dishwasher because i hate seeing dishes sitting all over the counter (b/c brad would rather dishes sit on the counter than in the sink when they are dirty! & with a dishwasher you can let dirty dishes sit in it until you turn it on!!). So if i hate seeing dishes all over the counter, don't you think i hate seeing a broken drawer on the counter?!!? Yeah. LOL. I'm thinking so! (& i have a feeling this will be the last thing that gets fixed along w/ the faucet!

5- last but not least... the washer broke!!! AHHH! Brad was like... YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!?!!? He fooled around with it for awhile but no such luck. So that was first to get fixed.

The A/C was fixed on Monday.
The washer was fixed on Thursday.
The Blazer was FINALLY fixed today, on Saturday.
When will the faucet & drawer be fixed? No idea.

(This is not to mention the master bath toilet & how it is rigged so we can flush it! That needs fixing! & i have to tell you - it's been like that since Brad & i started dating at least!!!)

Anyway. Just thought i'd share. I do have to thank God for His blessings, because we were stressing for a bit about how we'd pay for all these things- but we got really great deals on them & figured out ways to pay for the rest. And still afford our trip in November (i was not letting that trip go- i mean, it's our first anniversary & i already paid the hotel!!).


  1. Definitely keep the trip!!

    Isn't it the most frustrating thing EVER when EVERYTHING seems to be breaking. I understand your pain. However I am thankful that we rent because a fridge, dishwasher, hot water heater AND washer in one year would have been too much for me to handle. Thankfully the only thing we had to pay for was the washer.

    We need new tires too. :( I hate that they wear out.

  2. Hey Melissa, I hear you on needs things to be fixed! It is really trying on your patience! It sounds like you are more patient than I am sometimes.

    Just a suggestion regarding the drawer that needs fixed. I had the same problem with my silverware drawer ... so, I switched drawers with the utensil drawer, which has stuff that I don't use as often as the silverware drawer. It really helped, too.

  3. ohh- good idea 100togo! duh lol. didn't even think of that! I'll have to do that!!!

    & laura, i knew you'd understand b/c of your past blogs of things breaking! YES it is so frustrating!!!


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