Sunday, November 1, 2009

i love Saturdays!

We had a wonderful day.

This morning we went to Brad's parent's house for breakfast! I never say no when we're invited to breakfast!!! Breakfast means eggs however you like them, crispy bacon, sausage & homemade biscuits!! YUMMY! Not exactly the HEALTHIEST, but it kept me full till dinner time, so at least lunch was 0 calories! HA!!

And tonight we had a date! Hubby & I went to eat at the Cheesecake Bistro- one of my favorite restaurants! And no, we didn't get cheesecake! Man, i always would LIKE some, but am ALWAYS too full to get any. I think the few times i have gotten cheesecake, i ended up eating one bite & bringing the rest home!! The crowd wasn't too bad probably because we arrived just when the LSU game was starting. We were seated right away. That is rare at 7 pm on a Saturday night, so we figured it had to be because of the game!! (And halloween. But mostly because of the game. HAHA!) (See, there are advantages to not being into football!! I know- we're wierd!!)

Then we went to the Barnes & Noble at Perkins Rowe. I sat for awhile & flipped through Jamie Oliver's book, "Jamie's Food Revolution". I want that book! It's definitely going on my Christmas list. I also flipped through Jodie Sweetin's book, "Unsweetined". Wow. That child. She was my favorite character on Full House so the book caught my eye. I read the prologue & first chapter. Man. What drug/alcohol addiction the girl has. She tells how she would speak to college campuses about how freeing it is to be sober WHILE high... it's probably a great book, it's told very honestly. But then i saw the price...wow....just a bit much. Don't think i'll be buying that one!! And then i looked through the Fiction aisles forEVER & just couldn't find a thing i wanted!! Not a thing. Gotta find a new author soon...
Brad got two books- one on Athiesm & one on Christianity. HAHA. No, he's not confused! But i'm sure the guy at the check-out counter thought so! HA! No, hubby loves reading on all kinds of religions & histories & such. :)

Tomorrow we're going to do a photo shoot! I'm so excited! I really wanted to do this for some updated pics of us- anniversary pics- & pics for Christmas cards. But we couldn't afford it with everything breaking at once! But this girl i went to high school with is offering free sessions, so we signed up right away! We're meeting her on the LSU campus at a little park there. I hope the weather stays DRY. Fievel is coming too! & he'll be his spunky little self because he just LOVES to be outside!!

Don't forget - you get an extra hour of sleep tonight!!

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