Monday, October 19, 2009

Moving Around

In a recent blog, I asked you to Ask Me Anything.
100togo asked,

"Did you move growing up, or did you always live in the same place? Did you always live in the same town?"

It took me so long to respond to this because I seriously was going to go snap a picture of the 2 houses i grew up in & post it in my blog! HAHA! Spoken like a true blogger, huh?! ;)

But i just know that i won't get around to driving by the first house i lived in, nor my parent's home, even though neither one is too far from where i live now!

But no. Not a lot of moving when i was growing up. My dad graduated college in engineering & was offered a job here, in Dallas, Texas & in a tiny Mississippi town about an hour from my grandparents (who live in North Mississippi, in a small town called Grenada). I have thought before about how funny it is - how my dad could have made a different decision & i could have had a very different life. I have been so blessed & so happy & have loved my life in Baton Rouge. Funny to think about what might have been different. Crazy! But cool how God orders our steps. :)
Baton Rouge. I am in this exact spot on my way to work every morning!
That building is the state capital building.

I have lived in the same town my whole life. I live in the capital of Louisiana (no, the capital is not New Orleans! You would think everyone knows this!). It is a pretty large city, but has a lot of surrounding suburbs. From the time i was born until I was about 9, i lived on Leadale Drive. Funny, i still remember the address & telephone number! When i was 9, we moved to a house in Central. Central is just a suburb of Baton Rouge. The house we moved into when I was 9 is where I stayed until i moved out on my own at age 21. My parents still live there today.

So, no, not a whole lot of moving in my growing up years. The two houses are just 20 minutes away from each other. After moving out on my own, though, i did a LOT of moving around! My parents are SO TIRED of helping me & my sister move! HAHA!
Just to give you an idea...

  • Age 21 - moved out on my own for the first time with 3 girlfriends. I'll call them A, B & C. We lived in a cute little home near LSU. Such fun!! :)
  • A year or two or three later (no clue- my mind is fuzzy on those details!), me & friend C (who is also my BFF) moved out of that house & into our own apartment.
  • Sometime later, friend C got engaged & friend D moved in with me to take her place!
  • Sometime after that... haha... we met friend E...LOVED her... she needed a place to live & we didn't mind cheaper rent (rent divided by three is better!), so we found a 3 bedroom at a different complex & moved there!
  • Age 26 - ok so i remember this age! At this time, friend D got engaged & friend E decided to move back home because she was starting nursing school full-time, so i moved back home to my parents. Living by yourself is NOT CHEAP & i just couldn't afford it.
  • Age 27 - about all i could take of living back home! (Love you, mom & dad!!) My dear friend (who is actually friend A!!) called me. We were the only ones still single in our age group after all this time!! She was like "will you be my roomie again!?!?" & i was like "YES!" We were BOTH back home because everyone else had gotten married! So we moved out together in a cute apartment.
  • Age 28 - same roomie decided she wanted to buy a place instead of rent. She thought she found a place, so we gave our apartment notice that we were leaving... then the place she bought fell through. So we ended up finding a different apartment just while she was looking for somewhere else. We lived there out of boxes (we didn't unpack because we knew we wouldn't be there long!). We did NOT like that place!! But thankfully, a few months later, Friend A found the cutest condo in the perfect location & bought it. We lived there for about a year i guess....until we both met, dated, & got engaged to our future husbands!

Newlyweds Aimie & Jason with us at our wedding!! :)

It's so funny. We were the last of our friends to get hitched. And we always said, "what will we do if you get married before me?! & i'm still single!? who will be my roomie?!" Well, God was pretty nice about that:) HAHA. She met & started dating her guy, Brad & i got back in touch (we've known each other forever) & started dating, then got engaged. Then, they got engaged. Then they got married! & then we got married! I moved out of that condo about 2 weeks before their wedding date in early October. I moved all my stuff to my fiance's place, except for some clothes, & stayed at his sister's until OUR wedding date, November 14th!

Well, i think i've just about gotten off track here! It's cool thinking about how you got from place to place & why, and seeing how all your steps were ordered by the Lord! I have to end this with a favorite pic of me & Friend A!!

Me & Aimie - Florida vacation in 2007

It's not too late to ask me a question & you know... I would love it if you would!! Anything! Just go here & post a comment with your question!


  1. Oh NICE!!! I love the final pic! LOL I was enjoying the travel down memory lane until I happened upon that "darling" picture of us. Ha! You've been a great roomie, and I'm so glad that God had our lifelong "roomies" (husbands) for us at the same time! Love ya! Friend "A" :)

  2. Heehee!!! Me too!! Love ya too! :)


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