Saturday, October 17, 2009

On My Island...

I recently wrote a blog telling you to ask me anything.
Ashlee asked,

"If you were on a deserted island, what three items would you bring?"

Er...these questions always stump me. I mean, only three items?! Are you kidding me?! ;)

But, to answer the question, these are my three items:

1. A sleeping bag
Yes, because, you know... I'm not really a sleep-in-the-sand type of girl. I do love a cozy bed. And if i'm on an island, i guess a sleeping bag is the next best thing! This is a funny looking one... I googled women's sleeping bags & they all look like this now. Funny. It's been just that long since i've ordered myself a sleeping bag. Not really any need of one these days. BUT... if i thought i might be landing in a deserted island... I'd make sure to have one of these with me!!

2. The Kindle
Oh, yes. The Kindle. Have you heard of her? Well, she's this nifty little object that holds hundreds...maybe even thousands?... of books. Amazon sells these things & they ARE pretty cool. My coworker has one & i've looked at it & it's really neat. It's lightweight & easy to use. And...you could probably take one in a business meeting & read & they'd never know. But i'm not saying SHE does this! Anyway, I've never bought one of these or have ever really wanted one, simply because i love an actual book in my hand & i love having bookshelves full of books. However... i love to read. And if i were on a deserted island for an extended amount of time, i would have to have some reading material. Sure, there could be lots to do on a deserted island. Surely i'll be busy trying to kill fish & teaching myself how to cook them, swimming, creating my own tents, and maybe, i don't know, a little time travel (sorry...starting to think of my favorite TV show, LOST... i can't help it!) but there has to be quite a bit of down time. So I'm thinking I would definitely need a Kindle. I could have endless books to read. Never get bored! It'd be wonderful! And not only tons of novels, but i could also read about, you know, HOW to kill & cook those fish and HOW to get to safety when on a deserted island... (though i'd have to have downloaded all these books onto my Kindle before my desert island experience. But i'm just saying...)

3. Hubby.
I mean. You didn't think you could send me to a deserted island without HUBBY, did you?! I'm sure this is probably against the rules. But i'm just tellling you. I could not survive on a desert island without my hubby. (Ok, maybe i could SURVIVE. But quite unhappily!) He's just a great person to have around, he is always helping around the house (so of course he'd help around an island!), he protects me, he listens to me whine, he would play with my hair or give me back rubs when i'm sad & tired of being on an island & he would definitely learn how to capture fish so that i could cook them! Most of all, we have a lot of fun together, just being silly or delirious together. It would definitely make time on a desert island go by a bit faster! (Hey, do they make those sleeping bags big enough for two?! Just wondering...)

Coincidentally, this picture of Brad was taken on an island in Cozumel called Passion Island. We went there for an excursion on our honeymoon. :)

So there you have it, folks! My desert island! Doesn't sound too bad, does it?!

By the way, Hubby just said i should put our trailer as one of the three. Just our trailer as is. Now...isn't that brilliant?! Why didn't i think of that?!

Be sure to go here to ask me anything! This has been fun! I think you should ask some more questions! Serious ones, funny ones, it doesn't matter! Anything you want to ask!


  1. I love this post! Very sweet! I love the idea of the Kindle .... great solution for the lack of books problem! I could not survive without something to read!

    And "hubby as object" makes me laugh! Great idea, though! Take care and Happy Saturday!

  2. HAHA- well i had to have him!! :) LOL.

  3. My question about the Kindle... which I never heard of before and I don't think I would like it because I get tired of reading from a screen... anyways... does it run on batteries because that would become a problem. Unless you stuffed lots of extra batteries in your sleeping bag and your hubby's pockets. :)

  4. HA, Laura... i don't even know... i think so. I think you have to charge it like a laptop or cell phone...but let's just pretend! HAHA. But yeah, i don't like reading from a screen either. My husband downloads books & reads them from his computer, i hate that, i like a real book in my hand! So i know what you mean. But for a desert island where i'd need tons of books...a kindle would be ideal! They ARE very cool... i held my friends & played around w/ it. But i still like the actual book.

  5. Great answers! I was thinking a good book too, but a Kindle is brilliant...a never ending supply of good books! Oh and the hubby is a good idea too!!!


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