Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wonderful Day.

I had such a wonderful day. Just perfect. I just love Saturdays. My sister had surgery on Thursday, and my mom's been staying with her to take care of her after her surgery (she lives about an hour & a half away). I decided weeks ago that i would go up this morning, to cook her some dinner & spend some time with her. But i assumed it'd be a day just me, mom & my sister. And that would have been fine & all. But you know i love time with my hubby!! My sister has wanted me & hubby to come to visit forEVER now, because we haven't seen where she currently lives (the last time i visited she lived in an apartment, but she recently moved into a house with her friend jenn). Anyway, i wasn't going to have Brad come this time because of Michelle's surgery; we didn't know what kind of shape she'd be in & all.

Closer to this week i found out Dad was going to go up Saturday, too, so i decided to meet at my parent's house Saturday morning & ride with him. Well, talked to my sister Thursday night - her surgery was that morning - & she was already feeling a lot better. (Though not 100%.) So she's like, "Is brad coming, too?" & i'm like "well...no..." & she's like, "Well, tell him he can come!" So i did. And i thought he'd say no b/c he's not a last-minute-plan kinda guy. But he said yes!

And so we had a great day today. We got up & took our time getting ready, finally meeting my dad around 9:30. Then we drove to my sisters & met her & mom there. We brought my dog Fievel too & mom's dog Molly was there (plus my sister's dog Bali), so it was a full house! It was fun, though.

I love being with my family. We just lounge around & enjoy hangin out. We don't have to go anywhere or do anything special. Just talk. Lay around. Eat. HAHA. Just a good ol' time. I also made my Sausage Potato Soup. It was okay. I usually use Kielbasa or Polish sausage, which it calls for, but my sister told me not to get that because they had a lot of sausage they needed to get rid of. Well, the soup just was different. That Kielbasa sausage apparently flavors it really nice! Idk. But they enjoyed it. (It probably didn't help that when i went to put Splenda in my tea- i accidentally put it in my SOUP!!!!?! ONLY ME! HAHAHA!)

Anyway, we finally decided it was time to go. But dad went home with mom, so it was just me & hubby on the way home. We stopped at the bookstore (quickly because we had Fievel in tow! Probably the shortest bookstore trip we've ever managed to make, only because the dog was with us!!) I read Emily Giffin's "Love the One You're With" (a novel) & really enjoyed her writing, & later read her book "Something Borrowed". So i finished that the night before.. so i HAD to stop & get her other book "Something Blue"!!

We came home & had chicken noodle soup & grilled cheese sandwiches. :) (Great day for soup, y'all!) Then we watched the original FAME. It was good. I was surprised Opie was in it!!! & detective Munch from Law & Order! HAHA! It was good & i'm sure it it's much cooler to like the original better than the remake, but i gotta be honest- i like the remake a lot better...just sayin. :)

Anyway- then Brad gave me a long back massage. It was NICE. I love my husband. I swear, i'm more in love with him now than when we got married! & that's saying a lot because we were ridiculously in love THEN! HAHA! :) He's the best.

So that's my day!! Night!

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  1. My family sounds like yours... we can have fun doing nothing. :) I can't wait for Christmas when we are all together again! It's a rare thing.


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