Sunday, November 15, 2009

Award Time!!

Boy, do i have some blogging to do! Hubby & I are on vacation, but this morning we are just hanging out in the hotel room. We both aren't feeling 100% (sore throats, headaches, non-stop sneezing...ugh!), so we're spending the day in until our big date night tonight! =) I am loving this hotel & this bed is soooo cozy!!

Anyway, just thought i'd take this morning to catch up on some blogging. I've recently been given two awards! Yes, two! First, i was given The Sugar Doll Award from Jenna at Jenna's Jargon.

And I was also awarded the Awesome Blogger award from Nicolasa at Low Expectations.

Now, i hope you don't mind, but i am going to kind of mix the two awards together. =) For the Sugar Doll Award, I have to tell 10 interesting facts about myself. For the awesome blog award, I have to tell 7 interesting facts about myself. So...i'll tell 17 interesting facts about myself (because 7 + 10 = 17 - i'm so smart! I know!). Now, how do i choose who gets which award? I think i am just going to pick 6 of my favorite blogs & give 3 of them the "sugar doll award" & 3 of them the "awesome blogger" award! =) (And i know that this is not how i'm "supposed" to do it, but you are free to break your own rules if you want! Teehee!)

And so... here are some of the little known facts about me (or just random bits of information):

1 - Before my secretery days, i was a preschool teacher, summer camp counselor, aftercare worker, babysitter & nanny. For years. I loved it. I loved every minute. My nanny days were the best. And it's because of those days that i cannot wait to be a mommy. (i mean, i CAN wait, but...you know what i'm saying! don't take that the wrong way! HAHA!)

2 - I have sneezed more in 2009 than in my whole life combined, i'm pretty sure. It's getting to be kind of annoying.

3 - I am always losing things, forgetting things & have a hard time focusing when someone is talking. Though never officially tested, i am without a doubt ADD (but NOT adhd). I have learned to live like this - which would explain why i always have a notepad (or my planner) & a pen - because if i don't write it down, i WILL forget!!

4 - i am in love with those white chocolate lindor truffles. One of my bridesmaids gave me a bag of assorted lindor truffles at my lingerie shower & i became obsessed with the white ones. They.Are.Heaven.

5 - i do theatre. i'm sure you know this by now. I did it in high school & then didn't for 10 years. Then, i sat in the audience watching "Annie Get Your Gun" in the spring of 2006 & started crying during the very beginning. It wasn't sad. I just knew i was meant to be up there. I walked out, saw the huge sign for "Beauty & the Beast" - their summer 2006 musical & i said, "i'm going to be in that one." I auditioned that may & was cast. And pretty much haven't left the building ever since. =)

6 - Though i started with performing, i was somehow thrown into backstage work during a particular show. I ended up loving it & now i never can decide if i like acting or stage managing more. It is very interesting & exciting being involved in the process from the casting to opening!

7 - i sprained my ankle 5 years ago (or so), and now if i spend too long a day on my feet it swells & aches like crazy.

8 - i love Potterybarn. It is totally my style of decor. I have some of their dishes & accents, but i'd sure love a house furnished by them (yeah, right!!).

9 - i am genuine. i'm one of those what you see is what you get type of people. i am who i am & i never try to be someone i'm not. i'm honest about myself. i like this about me.

10 - i love people. i am an extremely accepting & non-judgemental person. even if i disagree with people, i have the ability to love them anyway.

11 - i started playing the flute in the 4th grade, but my band teacher suggested i tried the clarinet (translation: you suck at the flute, the clarinet is easier!). Then, my mom told me if that if we sold my clarinet then she'd buy a piano & i could take lessons. I really wanted to play the piano so i sold the clarinet. She never bought a piano. When i was 19, dating brad the first time, he tried to teach me to play the piano, but i just couldn't. And at 23 or so, i got a guitar for Christmas & took lessons, but couldn't get the hang of strumming! All this to say... i will just stick to singing. I obviously was not born to play an instrument!!

12 - i never knew i loved to cook until i got engaged. i was a bit afraid that i would not have inherited the "cooking gene" that my grandmother, great aunt, mom & sister all seem to have. But thankfully, i CAN cook & i enjoy it!!

13 - i am a college drop out. I swore i wouldn't regret it but i TOTALLY regret it. I am planning to go back in January, if it works out, but i do worry that i STILL will not be able to pass Biology 1002.

14 - i admire dancers, athletes, artists, teachers. Pretty much anyone who excels in their field. I admire them immensely.

15 - i get really annoyed by incorrect grammar/spelling/punctuation. People mixing up lose & loose KILL ME! I mean, why would you do that?! It changes the entire meaning of the sentence! Ahhhh!!! This is a pet peeve of mine on FACEBOOK (though i keep it to myself, usually!), but on resumes...wow. (My boss just throws them out, no matter the credentials listed!) And when i see it on a business sign or billboard...that's the worst!

16 - i wish you could hear my hubby play his keyboards. Beautiful. He composes & orchestrates beautiful music... including the song i walked down the aisle to (yes, i just ended a sentence with a preposition. this is one grammar rule that i let slide! HAHA!).

17 - i do a lot of cartoon voices at home. so does Brad. It's kind of silly. i'm not really sure why we do this. But it's fun! & i'm sure our children will appreciate it! HA! (We also speak in a British accent much of the time. I'm not sure why we do this, either, but we're actually quite good!) Is this sad?!

Ok. Whew! That was way too many random facts. HAHA. Now it's YOUR turn...at least, if you are one of the following blogs!

The Sugar Doll Award goes to the following (you need to give 10 interesting facts about yourself & link 7 new bloggers (if you don't know any bloggers yet, that's okay!):

1. Lindsay at Linny Blue Eyes - a real life friend who just started her blog!
2. Ginger at The Neffs - she has such a beautiful family: a handsome hubby, a PRECIOUS little girl & a little boy on the way!
3. Ashlee at Blessed Chick - a newlywed that i know in real life! she is adorable & her blogs are hilarious!

The Awesome Blogger award goes to the following (your rules are to give 7 interesting facts about yourself & link 5 new bloggers (i think you got the better deal! or at least the easier one! HA!):

4. Odessa at Rants Raves & Faves - a stay-at-home mom who lives in Romania with her family! i went to middle & high school with her but recently found her online!

5. Laura at Life Happens - i say she's a real life friend even though we met on myspace & have yet to meet in person! it's been years now & i she is a true friend!! Her blog is about her life with a handsome hubby & 2 (CUTE!) kiddos!
6. Tiffany at My Journey in Motherhood - a new blog i'm following, i love reading her blog about her life as a mommy! Such a great family, too!

Well, that was fun! Hope you enjoyed it! Be sure to check out the above blogs i've mentioned! They're great! =)


  1. Congrats on your other award!

    I loved reading things about you! I learned so much!

  2. Congrats on your awards!! I am sorry the hubby and you aren't feeling so well. I pray you feel better soon and can enjoy your romantic vacay!

    I love that you used to be a preschool teacher! I taught preschool prior to staying home with Lillian and loved it!! I used to nanny as well in highschool and college. Oh and I agree I love pottery barn. It is all so pretty!!

    Thank you for thinking of me and giving me an award! I am honored! That makes my day...Enjoy your vaca and feel better soon!

    Hugs, Ginger

  3. Sorry you guys are feeling under the weather on your anniversary vacation! Thanks for the nod , however I'm not sure I know 7 interesting facts about myself...geez.
    How can you read my stuff I'm sure it's chocked full of gramatically incorrect sentences. I try to check my spelling, etc., but I've noticed a few blogs entries where I've messed up. How ANNOYING!!! LOL!!!

    I will try to think up 7 intersting facts about myself though, as for the bloggers, ummm....I don't know any new ones! Ack!!!

  4. Thanks for nominating me! I nominated you for a different one :) Have fun on your trip!

  5. Thanks, ladies! :)

    Odessa, i definitely didn't have you in mind when i said i hate grammar/spelling issues. if i saw it on yours, i must have forgotten about it right away - i guess that's a plus side to being add! HA!

  6. Aw, girl you are gonna make me cry! Thanks for the award!!! I am not too sure about how those award things work but I am beyond honored! Have fun on your trip! Can't wait to hear the details when you get back!

  7. ok, I am SO behind on blogging...THANK YOU for my award!! I don't really know how to "accept" my award though, but it's COOL!


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