Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blog Hop: Favorite Photos

Blog Hop Time! I've been wanting to participate in the MckLinky Blog Hop, but haven't done it yet. Basically, MckLinky gives a new blog theme each week for you to write about! This week's theme is "Favorite Photos". Fun! I have several I could share!

At first i was going to try to refrain from posting wedding pics, because I know I share those quite a bit! But as i was looking through my pictures, i found some from the wedding that i just LOVE, but that i don't get to show off too often!
I thought i'd use that opportunity in this blog hop!

Well, first a few of our engagement shots.

And on our wedding day...
Me & my friend Rebecca. She lives out of state & i miss her so much!  
Isn't she gorgeous?

Me with two of my favorite theatre people, Tim & Marion.
Tim was an usher. I love these two!
(I have to admit that one of the reasons i love this pic is it makes me look thin, thanks to Marion's jacket!! HA!)

HA!! We took pics with the door in between before the wedding - so we couldn't see each other! We got some great shots! This one cracks us up!

Me & my bestest friend, Sarah.

I love this one of Brad! My handsome hubby!
This is when i'm coming down the aisle.  :)

Of course, there's a story here! The preacher was saying the vows for Brad to repeat, but he didn't finish before Brad (accidentally) cut him off & said, "I DO!!!!" It was HILARIOUS! We got so tickled - for a minute i had the giggles & thought i'd never stop laughing!

This is one i probably show off too much! I just love it! I love the way he looks at me. :)

This one of my daddy cracks me up! I so know that face!
He is definitely teasing me about something!

This is what my friends at the theatre all call "the Mel face".
Brad made up his own version as well! Pretty good! :)

So there you have some of my favorite photos!! I realize now that on our 1 year anniversary (November 14th), I'd probably want to do a blog just like this one! Oops! Guess i'll have to come up with something else! :)

Hope you enjoyed the pics!

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  1. Darling Pics from your wedding!! You mad a beautiful bride! I love your dress!!! Thanks for sharing your very special pics!

  2. you seem like a super fun person! your wedding is beautiful. don't worry about showing off your pics too much. i think i showed the same pictures of my kids all summer long because i loved them SOOOO much!

  3. Mel... I always love seeing your engagement and wedding pics because I love seeing the love between the two of you! Your kind of pictures are my favorite because you can "see the relationship". That's my goal in photography... to capture the relationship and the personality of it. (As opposed to staged stuff.)

  4. I was hopping around on the blog hop, and thought I would comment... I love, love, love the picture of you two kissing with the door between you! It's so original!

  5. y'all are all so sweet!! Thank you!! Trippy Momma, i should show you the other poses like that- it was a very special moment, that is just the silly of the stack! :)

  6. Love the door kiss, that's hilarious!

  7. From the looks of these photos, you must have a very fun marriage! :)


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