Saturday, November 28, 2009

Holiday Recap!

Fievel sitting in between mom & dad in the car - on our way to Mississippi!

Our Thanksgiving was wonderful. I am so glad we got to go up to Mississippi. We had a great time. At my grandma's, she has a bedroom & bathroom seperate from the rest of her house - it's a room off the carport, so we call it the carport room. I told her that i always wanted to get to stay in that room, but never got to because she only put married couples in that room! I was all excited that Brad & i got to stay in the carport room this time! HA! We truly had a great time! I told you what we did on Thursday already (a few blogs earlier)... on Friday we had another Thanksgiving dinner with my dad's mom & it was good, too! My dad's younger brother & his wife (Uncle Mickey & Aunt Pat) came too & we all played Phase 10 & Taboo! So that was fun! =)

Us - Thanksgiving - 2009

We left today & i was sad i didn't take more pictures! What was i thinking?! I got none of my mom's side - my mom & my aunt who cooked a wonderful meal on thursday, my uncle Gary & cousin Brady, my great uncle ruby & aunt erma - age 89 & 86! - i pray i am that spunky & healthy at that age!! And i didn't get pics of Uncle Mickey & Aunt Pat either! But i did manage to take a few pics before leaving this morning.

me & the hubby with my Mama Jo.

3 generations: me with my dad & his mom!

Oh, the cutest thing happened on Thanksgiving day. You see, my dog LOVES squirrels! Ever since he was a puppy, he's loved to see squirrels. When he was a puppy, i lived at my parents & they have a window in the breakfast area that comes to the floor. Fievel would sit at that window looking outside all day. Every apartment i have lived in since, Fievel has been able to look out the window - either it came to the floor or i had a bench up next to it that Fievel could sit in. Even now, he loves to sit on the back of Brad's chair & look out the window. If he sees a squirrel, he gets really excited! If he sees one outside, he'll take off after it while you're trying to keep up! Once a squirrel runs up a tree, he gets all confused having no idea where it went! HAHA! He just loves squirrels & I promise, all he wants to do is play with them, but of course they don't know that! ANYWAY...all that to say - he loves windows & he loves squirrels!

Well, Thursday after eating, we were sitting in the sunroom at my grandmother's house. Fievel was sitting in my lap but he saw the window behind me & tried to scoot up on my shoulder to see outside. Well, next thing i know, he is inching up on the ledge that is by the window. I pulled the blind/curtain thingies out some so he could see better. He climbed up on the ledge which was a little narrow, but i figured if he fell, he'd fall on the couch! Well, we're all chit-chatting & Fievel is just laying down on the window sill. All of a sudden his head is up & his nose is pinned to the window & his tail is wagging furiously! We were all like "what is going on?!" & we look & a squirrel was RIGHT UP there next to Fievel! The squirrel was SOO close that the only thing separating them was the glass! Even I have never seen a squirrel so close! The squirrel stayed there forever with all of us watching it munch on an acorn! Fievel never stopped wagging that tail.
Let me tell you, that made Fievel's YEAR! HAHA!

I grabbed my camera to take a picture because it was just priceless. You can see Fievel, but you can barely see the squirrel because of Fievel's reflection in the glass (& the reflection of those shades). I have no idea how to edit this...i'm still learning about editing pictures! So if you have tips on how to get out the reflection, pass them on! You have to look to see the squirrel!

Can you see the squirrel?!

Hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving!

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