Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Again!

Well, it's Friend Makin' Monday again & aefilkins has a little survey for us today!

1. Favorite Website
Everyday i check my Gmail, Facebook & Blogger.
But Sparkpeople is fantastic for people who are trying to be healthy & I track my calories on it. Also, Pandora is AWESOME for music lovers. I don't use it too much at home, but at work it's great, it designs a radio station according to what you like & plays as long as you let it. Check it out!

2. Favorite Color
I love blues & greens, red & chocolate brown.
That about sums it up!

3. Facebook?
Yep! But, sorry, i'd rather not share.

4. Favorite Christmas Song
Oh, Holy Night. (especially Mariah Carey's version!)

5. Christmas Tree: Real or Fake
I was recently asked this but i'll answer again in case you didn't see it!
We grew up with fake trees because my mom was allergic. It was fine, they make really nice ones & i never knew the difference. But once i moved out, i lived with roommates who always got real trees - & i LOVE the real ones. Love that smell! Right now, Hubby & i have a fake mini-tree! I hope one day we start getting a real one but hubby doesn't seem to excited about that idea! HAHA. I'd be okay with a nice fake one, i suppose, if we can get some Christmas Tree scented candles. HA!

6. Hottest Celebrity?
Without a doubt, Josh Duhamel
If you don't believe me, just put his name in Google Images.

I've never really watched him in anything, other than "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton" hahaha - but ever since then, i've definitely thought he is the HOTTEST!
(& he better NOT be cheating on Fergie!)

7. Favorite Restaurant
If you ever come to Baton Rouge & want some real Louisiana food...
MIKE ANDERSON'S. It's the BEST! (the Shrimp Norman is to die for!)
But our other favorites are La Carreta, La Madeleine's & Capital City Grill.

8. Favorite Magazine
I used to be obsessed with People magazine. I couldn't leave the store without the latest copy. For some reason, not so much any more! My favorites now are
Southern Living, Real Simple & In Style.

9. Favorite Thing to Drink around the Holidays
I guess Hot Chocolate.
But i like that anytime (if it's cold out)!

10. Favorite Christmas Movie
The original Miracle on 34th Street.
& i LOVE the Jim Carrey version of The Grinch that Stole Christmas!
I need to watch ELF though. Everyone is putting that & i've never even seen it!

Hop on over to aefilkins to join in Friend Makin' Monday!

By the way... i'm realizing it's November 30th & i just did my last blog for NaBloPoMo!
I'm so proud of myself. I posted EVERYDAY & sometimes had multiple entries!
The only time i was really tempted to not post was over Thanksgiving! It is hard when no one seems to have wireless or high speed internet! But i did it on my grandma's computer because i couldn't see quitting just a few days before the end of the challenge!
It's been fun participating & now i think i could blog everyday in December, too! But at least i don't HAVE to!! =)


  1. i just watched Jim Carreys the grinch the other day it was so funny. :)

  2. I like your list! Good luck with getting a real tree :-D

  3. Yay for blogging every day!!! I made it too... but that's no surprise haha.

  4. Josh Dumahel is also very hot in Transformers, but in Win a date he was so dreamy, awww!

  5. Oh I agree Josh is a hottie and he better not be unfaithful!!

    Great list and super cute blog! :)

  6. LOVE your list! O Holy Night is my fave too, and I do think Mariah does a beautiful version!

    Josh Duhamel is a hottie for sure. I used to watch him on All my Children (back in the day when I lived in front of the tv with a starving baby that wanted to eat all day long!), and Las Vegas. I must be so boy crazy because I keep commenting on everyone's celebrity!

    Elf is a must see. It has a couple really dumb parts, but over all is hilarious!

    So nice to "meet" you!

  7. Thanks, i just recently got a blog makeover about 2 weeks ago maybe!!
    Thanks so much you are so sweet!!!

    I just relaized that your favorite christmas movie is the Jim Carey Grinch also!!! LOVE IT!!!

  8. Oh, Holy Night by Mariah Carey is my favorite! Happy FMM

  9. I LOVE Mariah Carey... mostly her older stuff!

    Congrats on the 30posts in 30days challenge!

    Happy FMM!


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