Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Favorite Things!

Keely at MannLand5 blogged about her favorite things & I wanted to join in! I've had fun reading other blogs about their own favorites - & it's made me want to try some of them out! Well, here are just a FEW of MY favorite things!!

I love this chapstick. I grabbed it one day in the checkout line because my poor little lips were suffering due to the cold windy weather. It must have been last year or the year before that i first got this packet. But i am now addicted. Grape Craze is my favorite. I would only by that one but it only comes in a pack of 3. It smells just like grape bubble gum. & if i kiss Brad with the grape kind on, he's always like, "MMMM!" HA!

Number 2

Have you ever written with one of these?! I LOVE them! I may be a tad obsessed with these pens. They are found at Walmart. I write so much neater with these!

Number 3
This water bottle has forever changed my life. Seriously. Before this particular water bottle, i could NOT get myself to drink enough water. Even though i bought bottled water & brought it to work with me. I don't know what my deal was. But i found this at Whole Foods & have been drinking more water than EVER. It holds 32 ounces & that is labeled so if you are trying to be healthy like me, you can keep up with how much water you're drinking! I have the light green color (third from left). As i said, i got mine at Whole Foods, but you can find out more about them here. I fill it with water at home or at work & keep it in the fridge when i'm not drinking it! I love cold water to drink!

Number 4

Er, yeah. Please ignore my last post about health...I can't help but include this awesome pizza in my blog of favorite things! It IS a better choice than the one i used to get, I promise! But i know, i know...it's pizza! Anyhoo! The commercials about DiGiorno pizza are true! It truly is way better than delivery! & this Tuscan with Chicken one has diced tomatoes, chicken & spinach on it! SO GOOD! (Hubby & i both love it!)

Number 4
(& by the way, these aren't really in any particular order!)
This is my dutch oven! I got it from my parents for my birthday! Mine looks exactly like this one. I LOVE IT! =)

Number 5

Don't you just want to JUMP in that bed & not come out?!!? I LOVE down comforters! SO COZY! You can get the fake kind if you are allergic, it's just as nice, in my opinion! Mine is the "real" kind though & i LOVE it. SO cozy! This is why i have goose down PILLOWS on this year's Christmas wish list!

Number 6!

Do you have any idea what this is?! It is awesome! Brad & I were registering at Bed Bath & Beyond when we saw this nifty thing & randomly added it to the registry! I honestly had no idea that i would fall in love with it! It's called the Toss-n-Chop & it's to chop any kind of veggie or fruit (well, i've used it for other things, too, like sausage. I do it right over the dutch oven! Heehee!) Anyway, someone bought me this for a shower gift & i had no clue how wonderful it was! It chops things quickly & neatly & all is well! Mine is in gray, though! Had i but known it came in GREEN!

Number 7

Curly Girl is AMAZING. Do you hear me?! AMAZING! I am jealous that i can't do this kind of art! It's so creative & cute & i love it! This is the 2010 calendar & it is patiently waiting for January 1, when i hang it up! I have the 2009 one now. I found Curly Girl in the store where i picked out my wedding invitations. She had cute Thank You notes so i picked some up. Later i found a cute card by her & had it framed & put it in my bathroom. That one says, "It's simple. I prefer my eggs over easy, my coffee with cream & my love with reckless abandon!" You should really head on over to Curly Girl Designs & look through it all! I just KNOW you would love it! =)

Number 8!!!
Isn't she CUTE?!?!?!?!
I love mini-coopers! LOVE!! I want one! But i probably will never get one. I mean, the time to get one was my teens or twenties. Now i'm married & 31, so childrearing years ain't that far away, folks! (Year or two (or three! HA!)) So i'm thinking an SUV or mini-van is much more ideal with kids in tow! BUT. I love the Mini! & if ever a rich kinda person that could afford TWO cars, i'd get this one just for fun! (Hey, maybe after the kids are grown!) :)

Well, that's good enough, i suppose! Now it's your turn! I'd love to see YOUR favorite things! =)


  1. Everyone has been doing "my favorite things" lately. Must be Christmas season ha! I just might have to do one of these.

  2. Those scissors look so cool! I want some! I love my Nalgene. I take it everywhere with me!

  3. Those chopper things look really cool! Great list!


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