Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Wish List

Because grown-ups can have wish lists, too, right?!

Of course. :)

I love Christmas. I especially love the get togethers with friends & family, the Christmas music & lights, the smells & the shopping & the baking. It's all so fun. Most important of all - the re-telling of what Christmas is all about - the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ! The greatest gift of all!

Many blogs to come on ALL of the above, but today's blog is about GIFTS! HA! Not quite as serious as what i have mentioned above, but...we can't deny that we love the giving & receiving! And for me, it's that time of year again. Time to write my very own wish list. What I want for Christmas!

My mother, sister & i always make sure to email each other our own wish lists & we also include the wishes of our significant other. We all get each other something from that list. I guess that seems like no fun, but it is SO fun. We get exactly what we want & it is still somewhat a surprise, because you have no idea exactly what you will get. In fact, i usually forget what i asked for & am still just as surprised! Of course, you may not get what's on your list at all! Like the year my parent's got me a LAPTOP! I had NO CLUE & CERTAINLY didn't expect something that expensive. I needed/wanted one, but didn't have it on my list, because it didn't even enter my mind that they'd get that! And that is what i got. Best present ever.

Just thought it'd be fun to share what's on my list this year! :)

Emma Soup Bowls:
I registered for Emma stuff for my wedding, so i already have a lot of the basic dishes, but i'd love to have the soup bowls (pictured above, holding the mug). And serving pieces would be nice!

A Reading Pillow:
Is this silly? A goofy request? Well, i've been wanting one of these for awhile now!
I am always reading or blogging before bed - IN bed - & my back always starts killing me. I keep thinking one of these might help me out a bit!

A bike thingie for our SUV:
Okay, it was wierd enough that i wanted a bicycle. Now, a bike carrier thingie?!
Well, i don't know what it's called, but we want the kind that can hook up to my SUV & carry both of our bikes. We have a few places we'd like to take our bikes for a ride, but it's kind of a pain getting both our bikes into my SUV. So much of a pain, in fact, that we only did it once! So one of these would be nice!

Jamie's Food Revolution (aka: awesome cookbook):
I saw this book in Barnes & Noble. I flipped through the entire thing. I want it. (Any other cool cookbooks would be great, too - especially if about healthy cooking.)

A couple of goose down pillows:
OOHHHHH YES!!!! LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HTML for Dummies:
I really do love HTML. I like learning it & figuring it all out. So, i'm starting to want a book that'll teach me a whole lot more!!


Or should i say Gown? Chemise? I don't know, but i love to sleep in these! Before getting married, i slept in PJ Pants & a tank top all the time. But i got some things similar to this at my lingerie shower & was hooked! So cozy!! & pretty & feminine, too! I would love some more things like this (solid color even better; i just love the style & length!).
(Was any of this TMI? I hope not.)


The Proposal:
 This is one of those movies that was so good, i want to buy it.

That's about it!!! But you can be sure that i'd also be thrilled with the following:
clothes (Lane Bryant or Avenue)
jewelry (you know, any cute necklaces or earrings!)
a massage (to either Bumble Lane or Paris Parker)
books (any chic lit, plus what's listed above)
    Oh, yes. There IS just ONE more thing...

    A nice camera. A big fancy one like this one. I hear the Nikon D60 is great! But any nice fancy camera will do! (No, i don't actually expect to GET one of these, considering the price!! So i should start saving up if ireally want one of these!!)

    Well, that's good enough for now! I'll be sure to update! Teehee!

    What would YOU like for Christmas!??!!?!


    1. Yay for Christmas Lists! There is an adorable movie called "The Christmas List". You've probably seen it on the family channel or something like that. It's one of those that I watch it every year :). Love the Pottery Barn! I get the Pottery Barn magazine and I would love to have an infinite amount of money and buy everything I want. They also email me coupons ALL the time. I've never seen a reading pillow like that one, it looks REALLY comfortable! That's a good list Mel! I hope you get everything you asked for!

    2. I doubt i'll get everything- since it's only a few of us exchanging gifts - & since i managed to ask for mostly pricey things this year! HA! I'd never seen a reading pillow like it either, but when i kept googling "reading pillow" that's what i'd find! i don't really care what it looks like as long as it's in neutral or matchy colors of my room! HA!

    3. And i'm the SAME WAY about Potterybarn! I always said if they had one in Baton Rouge by the time i got engaged i would register there & ours opened right before or right after we were engaged! How cool is that?! SO i got a lot of stuff from there for our wedding gifts. But man- if i had an unlimited shopping spree there...:)

    4. love those dishes!!! I have not seen the propsal yet it is in my quere. OOH and i Have nikon D40 camera BEST THING I EVER BOUGHT!!!!

    5. oh and i need hmlt for dummier THAN dummies

    6. HAHA - brooke, you're hilarious!!! Maybe i'll look into that camera! Was it a million dollars?!

    7. Your wish list looks fun! I like it. I see several things on it I like too! How fun! I guess I need to think about what I want for Christmas...I have been so busy thinking about Christmas for my sweet Lillian I haven't even thought about what I want yet. Have a great day!

    8. Yes, the Nikon D40 or D60 is what I want - they are around $600 *GAG*
      My dad would laugh if I asked for one, or even hinted!

      You've given me a great idea for another blog! Hope you don't mind if I steal?!?
      LOVE YOU!!!

    9. Of course i don't mind, silly! :)

    10. i am going to go erase the chi! my mom said i can have hers! teehee! :)


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