Monday, November 2, 2009

NaBloPoMo!! Heehee!

I'm so excited! I just found out from Nicolasa at Low Expectations that November is National Blog Posting Month! It is a challenge to write 30 blog entries in 30 days! Oh, i SO can do this! The challenge for me will be to NOT write multiple entries on one day (i mean- if i have an idea for a blog, shouldn't i save it for a day in November that i have no clue what to write?!) The only time i think might be a challenge to blog is when we go on vacation in 2 weeks, or when we go to my grandparents for Thanksgiving. But i am going to do it!!

I love to blog. In case you haven't noticed. =)

I am really excited about November. I think my mood has improved dramatically when i realized November was almost here! November 1 - January 1 is my favorite time of year! YAY!!

My November is going to be crazy but fun! Some things i'm looking forward to:

(1) Seeing Arsenic & Old Lace at BRLT! A few of my friends are in it!
(2) Stage Managing The Elephant Man. Rehearsals don't start till December, but auditions are this weekend! Can't wait!
(3) OUR ANNIVERSARY VACATION!!!!!!!!!! I am SO excited!! Hubby & i are celebrating our first anniversary on the 14th! We are going to San Antonio, Texas & i am SUPER excited!
(4) Thanksgiving! This year we are going to visit my relatives in Mississippi & i am SO excited! I have not seen any of them since the wedding & that doesn't really count, because it was so crazy! I will really miss hanging out with Brad's family that day, but i am very glad we get to go visit my relatives. They need to get to know my hubby. :)
(5) Did i mention Christmas decor & Christmas shopping?! :)


  1. I'm doing the blog thing too. I figure I write AT LEAST one a day anyways. I just haven't got around to posting about it yet. :)

  2. okay, I need help with the whole blogging thing - I'm a noobie at it. How do you get your layout??? The different posts to the right, big pic at top, etc.???

  3. Yaay! I am glad you're joining in, too!

    I love this time of year too! It is so much fun!

    Have fun in San Antonio, the whole area is so beautiful!


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