Wednesday, November 11, 2009

San Antonio Bound!

I am so excited right now!!!! In just 20 minutes (which happen to be the SLOWEST 20 minutes I've had in a long time!!), I leave work. AND - i do not have to come back until NEXT Wednesday!!! Why, you ask? Because hubby & I are going on VACATION!!!! We are going to San Antonio, Texas, to celebrate our 1 year anniversary!!!!

This Saturday makes 1 year since our wedding day. I simply CANNOT believe that! It's gone by so quickly!! It has truly been a blissful year. Truly the best year of my life. But i'll talk more about that on 11.14.09. =)

Want to know why we chose San Antonio? Oh, sure, there are lots of wonderful things there, but we didn't really find out about them until we'd already planned our trip! You see, one day shortly after we got married, we somehow got to talking about Six Flags. My family went to Astroworld (Six Flags in Houston, which has since been closed) several years in a row when i was young & i also went a few times with friends in my early college days. Brad had been a few times to the same Six Flags with his youth group when he was a teenager. Well, we never talked about roller coasters before. It's just not something you talk about everyday. So we had no idea that we both are one of *those* people. You know, the kind of person that will ride EVERY SINGLE RIDE.

Oh yes.

Once we talked about all those awesome roller coasters one of us (i don't remember who. I think me.) said, "We so ought to go do that!!! Go ride roller coasters together!!" & next thing i know, i'm online trying to find the nearest six flags. There were three that were around 7 or 8 hours from where we live. That is the CLOSEST we could get. Our choices were Dallas/Fort Worth or San Antonio or Atlanta, GA. So, Brad gets on rollercoasterdatabase.com (whoever heard of such?!) & found which one of those three had the best roller coasters & he determined that the best roller coasters of the three were at the San Antonio park (though i think it was mainly The Poltergeist that influenced this decision). So plans were made, vacation time requested & a hotel booked!!

Erm, yeahhh...that would be Poltergeist.
And now - the time has come!! FINALLY! =)

I really cannot wait!

We also are going to have our anniversary dinner at The Tower of the Americas! I am super excited about this. It is a restaurant at the very tip top of a very tall building! It rotates so you can see the beautiful panoramic view of the city. It's a bit expensive but we are going to splurge for our anniversary! I can't wait to visit! I have heard that we simply HAVE to go there!! I made reservations for Sunday. Our actual anniversary is Saturday, but since we will be at Six Flags on Saturday, we decided not to do this dinner that night, because (a) we may be EXHAUSTED after a day at six flags, (b) we may stay at six flags until it closes at 7, which wouldn't give us time to go to the hotel & get all spiffy before dinner reservations, & (c) we have a feeling our 30-something year old bodies may not handle roller coasters as well as our nineteen & twenty year old bodies did! We may need that evening to recuperate!! HA! So we will have dinner on the Sunday as well as the Riverwalk. =)

Tower of the Americas

I am also really excited about San Antonio's RIVERWALK. Everyone has told me that it is SO romantic & beautiful!! I can't wait to go! I hear there is a romantic boat ride. I'm very much looking forward to our trip.

I truly cannot wait until we take this trip together! Our last trip together (& first) was our honeymoon last year! We had an amazing time!! I love being with him. I don't even mind a 7 hour & 43 minute drive with him!! Though we did make a bookstore trip last night to stock up on some reading material for the journey!

SOOOOO looking forward to it!  =)



  1. Ohhh! Have so much fun! Happy Anniversary!

  2. This sounds SO fun...Happy 1 year Anniversary! I know you 2 will have a blast. I too am one of "those" who will ride anything, so that Poler...whatever looks like a GREAT ride!! And dinner, WOW what a view!! All of this on top of no work for SIX DAYS! I think that's what heaven will be like :)

  3. Yeah S.A. is awesome. You should go see the Alamo too - just don't litter - they will ban you from the premises. Don't ask how i know this, no it wasn't me.
    The river walk is breathtaking. There is a rest. there were the waiters are supposed to be rude - I hated that place - don't go! I think the name was "D*ck's" - how appropriate.
    Happy Anniversay, enjoy yourselves. There is also a little mom and pop taco joint called "Tycoon Flats" somewhere around S.A. - pretty decent, live bands - it's a hole in the wall, actually it's more of a bar, so you may wanna skip that.

  4. That sounds like so much fun!! Time really flies by sometimes, huh? Congratulations!!

  5. Congrats on your one year anniversary! I am glad you two are getting away to do something special for your day! Six flags will be a blast! Have fun and take pics. I hope your anniversary is very special and wish you many more years of happiness!

  6. Oh my gosh... the poltergeist would make me sooo sick! I can't do rollercoaster. Kind of hate them. But I hope YOU have fun haha! I can't believe it's been a year already since you got married!!

  7. Wow Have fun!!! I gave you an award!


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