Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Stealing: About Me

Time for Sunday Stealing, & this time we are telling a little bit about ourselves.
I love these things. It's sad, really.

1. When is your birthday?
March 2

2. Where were you born?
Woman's Hospital

3. Where do you live now?
in the deep south

4. What is your heritage?

5. Tell us about a weakness.
I have no patience.

6. What's a goal that you'd like to achieve?
Learn to take really good pictures & learn to edit, etc.

7. What is the most overused internet phrase?
I've recently seen FML a lot & I HATE it. Especially since it usually has nothing to do with the person's luck - instead their own stupid choices.

8. What was your first thought this morning?
I have to pee.

9. When do you usually go to bed?
by 10. I've realized that my worst days at work are when i didn't go to bed by 10 the night before. Must have my sleep!

10. Do you smoke? If not, did you ever?
nope, never have & never will.

11. Do you like your current relationship status?
Love being married.

12. Do you (or did you) get along with your parents?
I do & I did. Of course i do more now as an adult.

13. How often do you drink alcohol?
We have a wine at home that we drink occasionally. But that's it. I typically hate alcohol & won't drink it.

14. Have you ever tried drugs (that weren't prescribed)?

15. Have you ever gone skinny dipping? If yes, do tell.
Yeah, when i was 12-14, my girlfriends & i would sneak to the neighbor's pool when they weren't home & skinny dip. We thought we were so cool. HAHA.

16. If given the choice, how would you like to die?
In my sleep. Of course.

17. What did you want to be when you grew up?
I always wanted to be a pediatrician or an actress. I still would love to be the actress, but i gave up on the doctor thing as soon as i realized that i can't pass math or science to save my life!

18. Have you ever been dumped?

19. What's on your pizza?
Our favorite is Digornio's Tuscan with Chicken. It has grilled chicken, spinach, diced tomatoes...delicious!

20. Have you ever shoplifted?
No way.

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