Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Thousand Words

I'm starting to think that the 30 day challenge won't be hard with all these topics per day floating around Blogger! It's pretty awesome & makes it a bit easier! =)

Thousand Word Thursday is supposed to post a picture that is worth a thousand words. And this one is mine...

This was about 3 minutes after I got engaged (03.15.08). There is so much emotion going on inside of me right here. I'm EXTREMELY HAPPY, Super Excited, VERY SURPRISED & just a TAD embarrassed!! Not to mention madly in love...put all that together... & you get this smile. Am I blushing? Because i DEFINITELY felt my face get hot!!

Brad proposed in a restaurant! He & his sister & my sister went ring shopping that day while i was at work. He called me right before i got off to see if i wanted to go eat at Mike Anderson's (our favorite!) & i said sure. I thought it a little strange that he wanted to fit a dinner in between work & theatre (i had a show that night), but i was certainly okay with it. He'd recently let it slip that he'd asked my dad for my hand in marriage, which shocked me & made me REALLY excited. But i still had NO CLUE he'd planned to meet our sisters, go ring shopping & ask me that night. i really figured it was MONTHS away.

But after our dinner, he slid the ring over to me & asked me to marry him. I was shocked & embarrassed - i wouldn't even let him get down on his knee & i covered the ring with my hand when the waitress came to bring the check!! No one had any clue what was going on! HA! I know it's hard to understand how someone who sings and acts before hundreds can get shy in a restaurant, but that's just how i am! I don't like all eyes on me & so i was EXTREMELY happy but hoping to keep it quiet. Brad totally understands this (he just had to go ahead & ask me as soon as he got the ring!!), but then our [loud crazy outgoing locquacious] sisters came bounding in the restaurant after he did it (i didn't know they were waiting at the bar in the restaurant until after he proposed), so a LITTLE spotlight got on us after all. They made us reinact the proposal, which we did outside (i was too embarrassed to do it inside!) HAHA!

So that is defintely my picture worth a thousand words!
I love my husband!!


  1. This picture is perfect! I can almost hear you laughing! :)

  2. That is the sweetest thing ever!! You look so happy and in love! I would totally be shy too if that happened! Thank goodness we were alone when my husband proposed !

  3. I love your story!!

    I told Mike that if he proposed in public that I would say no and tell him to try again another time. He's a smart man because he did with no one else around in my little dorm room. I of course said yes immediately haha. But really... had he done it publicly I would have done just what I said I would haha.

  4. HAHA - well i don't think i'd told brad that i would be SO embarrassed if he did it in public. Thankfully we did it w/o anyone in the restaurant knowing (except the guys at the bar that our sisters told while they were waiting!) HAHA! People think i am crazy b/c i wouldn't let him get down on his knee, but i just didn't want any attention drawn to the situation! Of course i said yes though! And i LOVED the ring! LOL!

  5. What a sweet and meaningful moment to commerate such a special day in your life! I feel that way about a lot of pictures in my life as well. Especially pictures of when my husband (in the Army) came home from a 15 month deployment. The emotion, joy, love, and tears in those pictures is pretty priceless! Have a great weekend.

  6. So sweet! I am so glad you are blessed with such a sweet hubby!

    By the way...I LOVE your blog makeover! The colors are perfect!


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