Thursday, November 12, 2009

Trey & Megan - engaged!!

I am so excited for my friends Trey & Megan, i just don't know what to do!! This past Sunday they got engaged!! They are such a beautiful couple, aren't they?! If you knew them, you would love them both. They are both kindhearted, sweet, giving, funny, talented people & they both are passionate lovers of God.

I have known both Trey & Megan since i began attending HeartsEase Family Life Church in March of 2006. I remember the first time i saw Trey. One of my first Sundays there also happened to be his one year anniversary of becoming a Christian. He stood on the stage & wept as he explained how God had saved him a year ago that day & how much his life had changed. I remember admiring his sincerity & his passion for the Lord.

Megan was easy to get to know & a quick friend. She is always laughing, smiling, or hugging your neck! She is awesome at video editing & such - she interviewed hubby & i before our wedding & her video of us played before & after our wedding ceremony - we got so many compliments on that! And i have to add...Megan is always best dressed - one day when i'm skinny, i would like to raid her closet. =)

All of us were a part of the band for the last couple of years, so we've gotten to know each other more & let me tell you - i love them!!!

I remember one day hearing Megan had a boyfriend & i was like, "WHO?!?!!?" I had no idea she'd even been seeing anyone! She texted me, "TREY!!!!!!!!" & i think i was in shock! I just had no idea there was even a crush going on there. HAHA. But man...when God works, God works quickly! Now they are engaged! & i could not be happier for them. They make a great couple & i know they are going to have a very happy marriage!

I know you don't know them...but you should definitely go here & watch their proposal! He did it at church. We have been slacking on our church attendance lately (shame, i know!) & so we missed it. :( I'm so sad about that, but thrilled they got it on video! It's pretty awesome. =) (But get out the kleenex! HAHA!)

Love you, Megan & Trey! I wish you the best!


  1. aww.. That was soo sweet. I cried! haha! I don't even know them How amazing! :)

  2. What a sweet love story. They are such a cute couple! Have a great day!


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