Saturday, December 19, 2009


So, it's been raining so much lately... that i've decided it's time to invest in a pair of boots. Yes, i know, everyone has a pair already. Except me. I mostly wear flats.
And i love flats. 

But it's not like i wear them with socks or anything. So, the other day, here i am with my cute black flats & it's POURING.RAIN. So my feet get wet. And cold. And this happened the next day too. But i'm not really a tennis shoe kinda gal. I mean, i wear my Nike's for exercise. I would wear them when it's rainy, except i call mine "Clown Shoes". Yes, i ordered them online & they arrived a bit BRIGHTER than I'd expected. So, running shoes, yes. Going out shoes??? Eeeeeee...not so much.

Ok, well. I guess they're not THAT bad. (Google "bright nikes" & wow. Maybe mine aren't so "clownish" after all!) But still. I wouldn't wear them out with most of the shirts I have!

So, the point is. I need some boots. Or something. And i just have NO CLUE when it comes to boots. They look cute on everyone else. But where to begin?! I mean...

HA. Nope. Not gonna happen. (I would break my neck.)


What the...?!!?

 This ones not too bad? Maybe? Neh.

Or maybe i should just get a cute pair of RAIN boots! Silly me! Why, these are PERFECT! Teehee!


  1. Now i am asking myself why I haven't become a follower of this blog yet! Goodness! Those boots are ADORABLE. You could totally rock them and look fantastic I'm sure!

  2. I just got boots this year. I got a cute pair of snow ones from target...


    And I got myself a pair of knee high black boots with something like a four inch heel for fun! Yikes! I haven't worn them yet. I had to buy outfits to go with them haha. But I just loved them so much. I might wear them to church tomorrow.

  3. I want a pair of rain boots too! Living in the pacific northwest, I am sure I would get a LOT of use out of them!!


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