Thursday, December 17, 2009

Boring Blog?!

Rehearsals for The Elephant Man are officially underway. We've only had 2 rehearsals & are doing what is called "tablework" - basically sitting around a table & just reading scenes together & discussing them; what they mean; what the character should sound like or act like; making sure everyone is on the same page. This play is cool because it's only one act & it's made up of many scenes but they're all very short. I like it. Seems like it goes by faster that way. I am finding this story very interesting. You can read up on it here. It's powerful & dramatic, but we've certainly found a lot of humor in it! I can't wait to start blocking on Sunday.

By the way, the above picture looks exactly like OUR theatre's seats, except ours are blue. Well, we are getting BRAND NEW seats in 2010! They are beautiful & will give more hip room & more leg room! So nice! Can't wait!


It has been raining like CRAZY! I think i told you that at some point? Well, it hasn't stopped! I mean, maybe, for a short hour or two! (Ok, maybe a day.) But then it's right back to rain. It rained ALL DAY LONG today. It was still raining when i left work & continued. Got home, took a nap, woke up, went to the theatre, had rehearsal, came home, took a bath, got in bed, during this entire time it has been raining. I mean, NO breaks at ALL. Constant rain. I don't mind so much now that i'm home. I told hubby it is time i buy some boots! ALL my shoes are flats & i don't wear them with socks or anything. So my feet were FREEZING yesterday & today b/c they've been getting wet. Think it's time i got some boots (or better yet, flippers!)


I fell last night. I was leaving the house for the theatre & i could.not.see. I was proclaiming this but hubby didn't hear me till too late, so he didn't turn on the outside light. I was using my toe to feel the next step but apparently missed the last one. I had a grilled cheese sandwich in one hand & my script in the other. Brad had my water & purse.
I fell, half on concrete, half in MUD. I was SO MAD. Because i didn't want to be late & now i had mud all over my jeans & had to run in & change. In the craziness i left my coat (which i flung off to change clothes) at home (which had my cell phone in the pocket). ACKKK! It was not good! Well. Hubby kept asking if i was okay & i said i was, but hours later my left ankle area was killing me. And it hurt all day today. And now it is THROBBING.
Oh, no!! I don't think it's broken or anything, but MAN it hurts!


We have 4 new girls starting at work Monday. I did nothing today but make up their training manuels. It took me ALL DAY. I have to do another manual for them tomorrow, plus clean their desks. I am happy to do this, i am so happy we finally have the new people starting. Work is SO stressful & this is the slight beginning of stress RELIEF, i think. Though they won't be fully trained till probably late in January. It's a start!
I think i will DREAM of binders tonight!


That's really all for now! So excited it's Christmastime! Can't believe it's in a week!
We are going to be housesitting at my parents next week because they're going to visit relatives for Christmas. I like staying at my parent's. It's cozy. =)

Merry Christmas!

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