Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day After Christmas

Today was a great day! LOVE having Thursday & Friday off because then Saturday & Sunday feels like a bonus weekend! I still can't believe tomorrow is not Monday! =) It's nice! Next week we're off Thursday & Friday again - New Years Eve & New Years Day! YES!!

This morning Brad & I got up at my parents - our last day of dogsitting. We worked on the puzzle for a few minutes this morning, then got dressed & cleaned up mom's house a bit & then went on our typical date... YEP, you guessed it! La Madeleine's & Barnes and Noble! This is becoming our typical date considering it's what we did the last 3 or 4 dates! I like it! ;) We went to La Madeleine's first & this time i did NOT get the Potato Soup (Brad did!). I got a Chicken Ceasar Salad & the small cup of Tomato Basil Soup. YUM! Then i dropped hubby off at the bookstore & ran to Hobby Lobby (he can easily spend 5 hours or so in B&N and would be miserable in a store like HL so this works well for us!). I went to Hobby Lobby to get some Christmas Ornaments on sale. I didn't like ANY of the Christmas stuff i saw. (Though i didn't see it all - some of those aisles were FULL of people & i didn't dare venture down them!) I ended up going around the rest of the store & got some stuff! I LOVE sales there - 50% off of almost everything i bought! I got a few cute things to hang on our walls, 2 picture frames to frame these pics that have been in my purse forEVER, a cookbook holder (it is so cool - i will post pics later) & a bread basket. Love it all!

Then i went back to Barnes & Noble. Brad & I both had gift cards there. I got another puzzle (because i was wanting another one for when we finish the one we're working on!), a bargain cookbook & the first Harry Potter book. Yeah. I can't believe i got that either! When the last movie came out - for some reason - i was like... I'm going to have to start reading that series! First time in ALL of those movies i have said anything like that! (Yes, i am a Christian. I know some Christians think Christians shouldn't be reading Harry Potter books. I disagree with this (& think it's a bit silly). But i'm still a born-again Jesus-Lovin Christian! And if anything in the book changes my mind, i'll quit reading at once!) ;)  We found it & i read the first page to see if i would like it & i did! Looking forward to getting started, I hope i love them!!

I am almost with my book by Linda Nichols, by the way. She is an amazing author, you must check out her books!! At the Scent of Water & In Search of Eden.

After our bookstore trip, we picked up dinner for us & my parents and went back to their house. They were back in town & we had to finish that puzzle. We have finished the entire puzzle except three parts - the christmas tree, garland on the mantle & wreath! It's about a zillion pieces that look exactly the same! AHHH! We ended up sliding the puzzle onto a board & bringing it home. I can't believe it didn't slide off on the way home! I drove verrrry carefully! HA

Oh, one more thing i have to mention. My friend Terri is pregnant with her first baby any day now - & she is having it at home!! You know what this means - no epidural! AHHH! Now, i know some people have their reservations about having babies at home but i know of 4 families that have done it & all of them say it's the greatest thing ever! Midwives are more popular these days than you'd guess! NOT that i will be brave enough to do this!! ESPECIALLY for my FIRST baby! HAHA! Anyway - all this to say - my friend Terri was due TODAY. 12/26. Baby Rachel did not come. Unless she is coming now & i haven't heard yet. ;) Sweet Terri is about to POP. I'm so excited & curious & wondering when she is coming!! (& i know that if ANYONE can birth a baby at home, it's this girl Terri! She is pretty awesome!) Anyway. Just had to share! Because i think she is super brave! 

OH one more thing!! KELSEY! Sweet Kelsey is still in the hospital. Do you know that she has not been awake all this time? She has no idea she's been in the hospital for 3 weeks now & has missed Christmas! Well, they were keeping her on sedation & they say that is why she has not come to yet. But Christmas Even (or around there) they took her off sedation! So her eyes have now started to open a little bit & shut again. She will be waking any day now. Also, the surgeon who was to repair the broken bones in her face (broken jaw is one) came in & looked & said they are healing properly on their own & she will not need the surgery. That's pretty cool. Her family had their family Chistmas in a conference room in the hospital this year. Can you imagine? But wow. I bet they are just SO THANKFUL that she is still here & is going to make it! Please continue to keep her in your prayers!

That's all for now! Hope your Christmases were merry! Heehee! =)

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