Saturday, December 12, 2009

I heart weekends!

It is raining constantly over here. People's facebook statuses (statii?!) say things like, "I feel like I'm in Forks". Thought that was clever ... you know, Forks? Twilight series? It rains all the time there. Kinda like that here right now. & it's cold! Brrr! So earlier, i had to run pick up a prescription (bcp, if you must know! kinda mandatory!) so i got out in the cold rain. ONLY - it wasn't raining much. On my way back it started POURING. I could hardly see the road! & i had to hop in & out the car a couple times (Walmart & the Pharmacy we use) so i was pretty wet! Went to walmart to get a rotisserie chicken to go with last night's dinner leftovers, some sinus medicine for hubby, & coffee. We're out.

Last night, my in-laws came over amp; we had dinner & watched a movie. It was fun! Made my Chicken Cheese & Rice again, with green bean almondine, & they tore it up! It was delicious! Yummy comfort food! Used my favorite EMMA dishes & my purty red placemats. It was nice. =) Then, we watched Poisedon. Have you seen it?! EEEK! It's about a cruise ship that gets hit by a roadwave. And it is INTENSE. The whole story is of a group that gets together to climb to the top of the ship to get out (it's completely submerged). I saw it back when it first came out & later when Brad & i were engaged, it came on TV & he saw a part of it. He wanted to see the whole thing. So it came the other day from Netflix (FYI: Netflix is AWESOME). It's a remake of an older version. It has Kurt Russell, Richard Dreyfus, Emmy Rossum, & Josh Lucas. Great movie! (And, for the record, my dad looks just like Kurt Russell. Facial expressions & features. It's crazy. Especially in the movie Dreamer. It freaks me out a bit.)

Tonight we're going on a date! Yipee! Not really wanting to get out in this mess, yet sooo not wanting to postpone our date! So we're going! We're going to see a movie (Disney's A Christmas Carol) & have dinner together (not sure where yet) & hang out in Barnes & Noble for awhile. =) Love it! This all started because last week I told Brad he had to go see NEW MOON with me, now that he's seen Twilight & now that my sister (who i was supposed to see it with!) went to Germany/France/England for a MONTH (LUCKY!). So he said okay. BUT as i was looking at the movies playing, i didn't feel like New Moon. And we decided to see A Christmas Carol. I hope it is good! I heard it is! I love the Twilight series, but i'm not someone you'd call obsessed. I can wait to see it. =) Actually i should be getting ready about now... Oh! One more thing!

Thanks for your prayers for Kelsey. She is a strong one! She's fighting & pulling through! She has made it through the very critical 48 hour period after her brain surgery. They have a feeding tube for her now, so she is getting the nutrition she needs. She is going to get well! It will be a long process, i'm sure, but she has TONS of love & prayers & support! She now has a profile at caringbridge, so people can write in a guestbook & someone keeps updates in a journal. I am so very thankful that she is alive & that she is going to make it. The doctor's have said she is ahead of schedule as far as recovery. I know her friends & family have been surrouding her & her parents & sisters at the hospital. I am SO thankful that she is still with us. Please continue to keep her in your thoughts & prayers!

Well, wow. We should be leaving in 10 minutes. And i am SOOO not ready!

Have a great rest-of-the-weekend!


  1. Have fun on your date night! Glad your having a nice weekend. Hope the rain lets up soon for you.

  2. It's raining in Arkansas too! I can't stand rain in the winter!! I'm so jealous that you get to see a Christmas carol!! Let me know how it was!!

  3. Hey Jenn does have a blog. http://jenniferrenee728.blogspot.com/
    Check her out, she's funny! But of course you know that!

  4. Yes, I teach English at Central, but I also graduated there in 2001. I remember you from Victory, though. I went to middle school there and did a few things with the church as well!

    I actually ran across your blog by googling Kelsey's name, but I see in your blogs you follow that we know some of the same people!


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